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Magnet Maniac

Magnet Maniac is helping to celebrate Military Word of Mouth’s One Year Birthday with a gift of a Deployment Countdown Magnet.


One deployment countdown set, any size (up to 365), Camo theme only. Winner can modify the header magnet to say mommy, daddy, son, soldier etc. Shipping is included.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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16 Responses to Magnet Maniac

  1. Kelly

    These magnets would be perfect for our little girl, and eventually our son (as cute as they are, I don’t think a 1 month old would appreciate them!) While we haven’t had our first deployment yet, I know there will be many TDYs soon with my husband’s latest assignment. Having an interactive countdown would help her get excited as we get closer to Daddy’s homecoming.

  2. Bianca

    These are so cute and can be used for not only for deployment, but PCS, field exercises, and any other reason our soldiers can not be at home. I hope we are lucky enough to show these off on our front door, or fridge depending on where the kids put them.

  3. Lara

    I’d love to win these for my 3 girls! Daddy just left on cruise this month until September.

  4. dankim23

    these are super cute!

  5. Amanda

    I’d love to win these for our daughter. We are one our second deployment and she loves to count down numbers! We could take it with us when we go on our trip to see the grandparents during the middle of his deployment.

  6. Thersa Reichel

    My daughter would love these Daddy just left again and these can also hold their pics on the fridge 🙂

  7. Crystal P

    These are cute and an awesome idea!!

  8. Amy

    These are a great idea…and can be used for any reason daddy has to be away!

  9. Amanda Richardson

    Such a neat and fun idea!

  10. Phylicia Phillips

    So cool

  11. Emily

    Love these! We are on day 2 of a 365 day countdown only 363 left to go 🙂

  12. Jody Ruszczynski

    cute Idea!

  13. Beth Moreau

    Cute idea!! Would be a great thing to use or my daughter when daddy leaves again.

  14. Sarah M

    Thank you for the beautiful giveaway to celebrate Military Word of Mouth’s birthday 🙂

  15. Jenn Smith

    Love this idea! So cute.

  16. Michelle J

    Great idea!!

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