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F.E. Warren AFB

F.E. Warren AFB is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming about 101 miles to the North of Denver, Colorado.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Base Housing

    • Atlas East
    • Atlas West
    • Capehart
    • Historic Bricks

    Laramie County School District

    • Freedom Elementary
    • McCormick Junior High
    • Central Senior High

    Private Schools

    Base Medical


    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy


    • Activities
    • Cities nearby
    • Parks
    • Guernsey State Park

      Reviewer capettit88, “guernsey state park the reservoir is such a nice place to go in the summer time! I love that place, my husband and I would go there for the day and just relax and float along the lake aka reservoir. A lot of people go camping there also its to pretty and peaceful. People bring their boats, jet skis, etc, and just enjoy the nice dry heat that Wyoming has in the summers. we would go on super hot days when it would get up to 90’s in the summer. its about and hour and half away going north from Cheyenne but totally worth the drive it you love going to lakes. And if you go a little further about an hour and half i think ? further from the lake to Casper its a real nice town and has good places to eat around there after a day at the lake :)”

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    Reviewer ajr1206, “The base is home to many antelope. They run free. Many times they like to wander down the roads, so you’ll want to watch out for them. They aren’t harmful or anything. Just a nuisance.”


    Reviewer ajr1206, “The weather is bipolar. One minute its gorgeous and the next its awful. It snows like crazy in the winter months. I have seen snow anywhere between October and May. It is always windy. Its normal to have wind blowing at 30 mph on a daily basis. Being near the mountains, its not a surprise to end up with 6 or more inches of snow.
    During the summer, it usually doesn’t get warmer than 90 degrees & thunderstorms are very common. They usually include hail. One year we had 2 massive hail storms. One in which there were inches of hail on the ground. It honestly looked like it had snowed. We actually had to use a snow shovel.”

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