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Joint Base Lewis McChord

Joint Base Lewis McChord is located in Tacoma, Washington about 45 miles to the south of Seattle.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Base Housing

    • Beachwood II
    • Broadmoor
    • Cascade Village
    • Clarkdale
    • Discovery Village
    • Eagleview
    • Evergreen
    • Greenwood
    • Hillside
    • Madigan
    • McChord
    • New Hillside
    • Olympic Grove
    • Town Center





    Clover Park School District

    North Thurston Public Schools

    University Place School District

    Private Schools

    Base Medical

    Family Practice


    Psychology (Pediatric)

    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    • Activities
    • Reviewer nancyj, “There is a lot to do and see while in WA. Tumwater falls is fun as well as many other parks throughout the area. Steilacoom has a nice “beach” area for kids to play. The ferry rides are also something inexpensive and different to do as a family.”

      Capitol Forest

      Reviewer lolitangears, “There are so many great places to go but this is one of the best for camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, four wheeling, shooting and even horse back riding. This is a great place to spend the day for little to no money. It’s located about 30 to 45 min away from JBLM. If you don’t want to go there you can four wheel on JBLM at the park located on north post. Fishing and boat activities are also available.”

      Puget Sound at Solo Point

      Reviewer KimberlyW, “Fantastic. It’s beautiful out there. We weren’t stationed there but our best friends were and I spent a week there and that place is amazing. I took about a 1000 pics over a week.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Gateway to India

      Reviewer Santosak, “I loved this restaurant and ate there as often as I could! It’s closer to downtown Tacoma so i’m not sure how long it would take to get to from McChord but it is well worth the drive! If you love authentic Indian food this is the place! They offer an all you can eat buffet during the week for a reasonable price. I highly recommend the Tika Masala, it’s a chicken and curry dish, not too spicy but packed full of flavor :)”

      Happy Teriyaki

      Reviewer smileybug, “This was one of our family’s favorite restaraunts to eat at when we lived in Olympia. They were always friendly and have great “japanese” food. Their Gyoza was our favorite, and my husband was especially fond of the Yakisoba. There are several locations in the area so it’s usually easy to find one close to where you are.”

      Johnny Restaurant

      Reviewer KimberlyW, “In Fife near Lewis. “Johnny Restaurant ROCKS!””

    • Shopping
    • Sports
    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.


    Reviewer SabrinaH, “Traffic after work on I 5 is horrible!”


    Reviewer Misty, “Lewis allows 2 free pets, and then you can have two more with deposits.”

    Reviewer tbg_turley, “In all Communities except for Town Center, you can have up to 4 (four) dogs/cats in housing. The first two animals do not require a security deposit. The second two require a $250 security deposit, which is fully refundable as long as there is not damage from the pets.

    Pets allowed include dogs (except those determined, in Agent’s sole discretion, to be dangerous or potentially dangerous), domestic cats (to be kept indoors only), small caged animals, birds and tropical and/or goldfish.

    Residents may not board in privatized housing any dog of a breed (including a mixed breed) that is deemed “aggressive or potentially aggressive” unless the dog is a certified military working dog that is being boarded by it’s handler/trainer. For purposes of this policy, aggressive or potentially aggressive breeds of dogs are defined as Pit Bulls (American Staffordshire Bull Terriers or English Staffordshire Bull Terriers), Rottweiler, Doberman Pinchers, Chows and wolf hybrids. Exotic animals such as, but not limited to, reptiles, rodents (other than hamsters and guinea pigs), hedgehogs, skunks, rats, raccoons, squirrels, potbellied pigs, ocelots, coatimundis, ferrets, monkeys, snakes, prairie dogs, minks and farm animals are not allowed in family housing.

    Town Center Residents are limited to two pets. Town homes are allowed 2 dogs or 2 indoor cats up to 25lbs each. A combination of 1 dog or 1 cat each under 25lbs is allowed. The apartment style homes are allowed up to 2 indoor cats only. All dogs are required to be kept on leaches and controlled by adults when outside of the home. Residents are required to pick up after their pets. For our Resident’s convenience we have provided pet stations with bags throughout the Neighborhood.”


    Reviewer SabrinaH, “I hate the weather, no real summer and from what I heard it will only get worse lol but other than that not bad.”

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer SabrinaH, “Been in WA for 4 months now, everyone loves it, lots to do outdoors and lots to do indoors, specially for kids on those rainy days.”