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Base Housing

4114B Charlestown Loop
Hill AFB, Utah 85056

Phone: (801) 784-5600
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Base Housing1.3367346938849

4 Responses to Base Housing

  1. cprez

    I loved living on base! Nice housing, nice sized yards, garages, and amenities. They had a dog park, several kids parks and a water park in base housing. I would say overall the base housing was 5 stars.

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  2. AFwifeandmomof2

    I recommend living on base through the housing of Boyer Hill. While many people complain around here about the housing, they really are a great group of people working for you! Boyer does have its issues, just like any housing, but if you speak up they will take care of you as soon as possible! I have had only good things to say about Boyer’s base housing. They are trying to improve still and are beginning to start some new activities! Since the base is mostly a civilian run base, there are not a TON of activities that go on, but Boyer Hill Military Housing is trying to make up for that and put on many of their own programs! They also have lots of frequent contests and such where you can win things from a $25 gift card to Target (as we did!) to 42” flat screen televisions! I would definitely recommend base housing here at Hill AFB to anyone, especially those with children! I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5!

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  3. LilPatricksMommy

    There are 4 different types of housing. I’ll go oldest to newest.

    Oldest (Non renovated) Housing – These were built some time in the 70’s I believe. They are in the process of being renovated and by renovated I mean they are putting up vinyl siding, enclosing the car ports into 1 car garage and adding carpeting. The kitchens are tiny, rooms fairly small but yards are larger than most on base. The only housing you keep part of your BAH (non renovated). I’ve heard there have been problems with mold in some of these and renovated versions. All ranch models.

    Renovated older housing – Vinyl siding, enclosed car ports into 1 car garages, carpeting, tiny kitchens. Honestly nice, but very small, even the 4 bedroom models. They do have a small outside storage closet as well. I’ve heard there have been problems in a few of these with mold. All ranch models.

    Mid 90’s housing – Spacious with 2 car garages. Larger kitchens, decent sized yard, plenty of room to run around in. No outside storage area. I believe the majority if not all of these are 2 floor models.

    New Construction – By far the best houses on base, hands down. Very large kitchens (I have no idea what to do with so much cabinet space), 2 car garage, decent sized yards. Models are half rambler and half 2 story, all very open floor plans. No outside storage but garage has more than enough space for 2 cars and storage.

    As of right now (Jan 2012) utilities are included with everything but this will change as of 2014 as they finish with baseline usage when renovation of the oldest housing is finished.

    I’m personally glad I moved on base and got lucky enough to get a new construction as they only built (from what I was told) six 2 bedroom new construction houses. Compared to out in town for the BAH, we are getting far more than we’d get out in town for our money being lower enlisted.

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  4. christinaonbase

    I Lived on base for less then a year and was so happy that I was able to get out of my contract. There are good points such as nice homes and neighborhoods but the bad outweigh the good completely. For starters the deposit for pets that has to be paid before you move in keeps going up, next they tell you everything is included but again it changes all the time for when I lived there in 2015 it went from everything included to last years average cost per month to average cost of the current month for everyone on base. NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME SIZE HOUSE. This is a complete scam to the military personnel because civilians get paid more then military people and pay less for housing while all military personnel are required to give up ALL the allowance they get for housing no matter what size house they get and in order to have a 3 bedroom you must have at least 2 children. It is completely unfair and ran by personal preferences and friends- to explain this I will just say that depending on who you know in housing is what determines if you get notices or if they just pass you by and ignore the rules. They don’t check the breeds of the dogs so many have restricted breeds in housing, you are required to take care of your own landscaping that requires the lawn being cut 2 or 3 times a week but you have no control over how much water it gets. And since I am rambling on and on now I will close by saying if you move into housing make sure you have insurance and don’t take the inspection sheet lightly and mark EVERYTHING because they charge you for it… for example one of the stupid rules is that you can hang pictures and such but no hole can be over the size of a dime…. but you are not allowed to fill the holes when moving out because the walls are textured and they charge you about 5-20 dollars per hole to fill and paint and also if you spill anything on the rug you will be replacing it and they charge allot.

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