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Hill AFB

Hill AFB is located in Ogden, Utah about 30 miles to the north of Salt Lake City.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Base Housing

    • Area D
    • Area E
    • Area G

    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    • Activities
    • Aquarium Masters

      Reviewer emmac, “The aquarium is so small also. Ridiculous.”

      Reviewer LilPatricksMommy, “I have not been to the aquarium but I have heard that while small, is a great place to go on a day trip.”

      Base Activities

      Reviewer AFwifeandmomof2, “The base here can be rough as far as ”things to do ON base” with your family. There are not a ton of activities that go on because it is mostly a civilian base.”

      Bear Lake State Park

      Reviewer AFwifeandmomof2, “About 1 1/2 hours from Bear Lake for you campers and beach goers”


      Reviewer LilPatricksMommy, “The majority of music and concert events happen in SLC either in the arenas or in small hole in the wall clubs. SLC is honestly smaller than I pictured it to be before I got here. I was thinking NYC type place and got more of a “downtown of the suburbs” feeling. A pleasant surprise.”


      Reviewer LilPatricksMommy, “In the summer, there are TONS of festivals and activities. In the fall, there are the harvest festivals in the immediate area (Ogden, Layton, Clinton, Syracuse, Riverdale) that are pretty fun to attend. “

      Hogle Zoo

      Reviewer emmac, “The zoo is tiny.”

      Reviewer LilPatricksMommy, “The zoo is a decent size with lots of good things to do.”

      Lagoon Amusement Park

      Reviewer cae29, “Military discount!! 🙂 Great day for the family! Lots of rides for all. Must ride the wooden roller coaster! It’s been there for years and still going strong! Go for Halloween. Must see Frightmares! You can even camp here.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Gardiner, Montana

      Reviewer AFwifeandmomof2, “about 6 hours south of Yellowstone (AMAZING)”


      Reviewer AFwifeandmomof2, “4 1/2 hours north of Moab where you can see the famous Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.”

      Salt Lake City

      Reviewer AFwifeandmomof2, “We are about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City which has PLENTY of fun, family activities to do.”

      Gardiner, Montana

    • Exercise
    • The Warrior Fitness Center

      Reviewer CarolT, “The Warrior Fitness center which I believe is touted to be the best gym in the air force as it cost something like 13+ million to build. It’s a 2 level gym with basketball courts, indoor running track, free weights, lots of elliptical machines, treadmills, raquetball court, rooms for classes like yoga, zumba and they offer kids martial arts classes as well. The family gym has an indoor year round pool and I think 3 outdoor seasonal pools, basketball court and an area where you can work out while your kids play in an enclosed area in front of you. There’s also “the bubble” which is an indoor pressurized running track. There’s also an outdoor running track, a bunch of baseball fields and childrens play areas as well as a splash pad.”

    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Star Cafe

      Reviewer atanner07, “They make some of the most delicious breakfast you’ll ever eat! The prices are really low for the amount of food they offer.”

    • Shopping
    • Reviewer LilPatricksMommy, “On both the north and south ends of base you have pretty much every large retail shop you could need. I stick to the north end of base as the traffic is much less than on the south end of base, but the south end of base has more in terms of big name restaurants.”

      Salt Lake

      Reviewer LilPatricksMommy, “The outdoor mall in salt lake is quite large with many shops, a very large movie theater, and only 30 minutes away. About 15 minutes south of that is another mall that is very large with a nordstroms and a few other high end shops.”

    • Sports


    Doggie Day Care/Kennel

    Reviewer jennabugs, “My husband and I loved Ruffledale in Layton, Utah. We took our labrador there often and the staff was very loving to our dog. They offer a military discount – when we left in June 2011, it was $18/day for doggie day care, and $23/night for kenneling. We boarded him there when we went skiing for the day or for overnight trips out of state, and always had a good experience.

    The only drawback would be they are closed Sundays, but many things are.”


    Shannon Palmer, Realtor with Coldwell Banker

    Reviewer Teresagreb, “Shannon Palmer is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Ogden, Utah, which is about 15 minutes North of the Main Gate in Layton at Hill AFB. I met Shannon through the website when I contacted her about a property for sale before we moved here to Utah from North Carolina. She went out of her way to make sure everything worked out for us long distance and offered much advice, as she is from this area. Shannon has two children, one recently got out of the military and the other is still in the military, so she is familiar with our lifestyle. My personal experience with her stems from a same career as well. Shannon has done many different things in her life, a jack of all trades, so to speak. We are both Respiratory Therapists, so I have actually continued to work with her in that setting these past 3 years. While working with her, my husband and I needed to sell our home that she helped us buy. We wanted to use her, but found out that the church behind us would purchase our house directly from us. Instead of charging us and making us sign contracts for her to be our realtor for comissions, Shannon has helped us every step of the way. I even offered this to her, but she refused. Shannon is very knowledgeable as a Realtor and I certainly recommend her to anyone that is moving to this area, including Davis County and Weber County. She has become more than just a realtor to us, but a friend. Sounds corny, but it is true.”

    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.

    General Tips

    Reviewer jennabugs, “Many businesses are closed on Sunday – important to know in advance (this includes restaurants). If you aren’t LDS (Mormon) and live off base, it can be difficult to make friends. Many people choose to live in Ogden, as it is more diverse, but the flip side is that it is not very pretty and not as safe as the suburbs around base. The closer you live to SLC, you will see more diversity in religion.”

    Reviewer emmac, “Most places close on Sunday. Made to feel an outsider if you are not Mormon, especially for kids at school.”

    Reviewer LilPatricksMommy, “Please don’t let the fact that this is a largely Mormon populated area deter you from getting out and about. Preconceived notions will keep you from getting out and exploring the area and all Utah and the immediate area around base have to offer. If they’re not in sunday garb, you really can’t tell who is or is not Mormon.

    Even if you are not into outdoor winter sports, there are still a TON of things to do the rest of the year. An hour away in logan, you can drive up the mountain and go apple picking. In Ogden there are plenty of festivals going on through out the summer and fall. You can take a ride up the mountains for some camping, boating or fishing at any of the many many campgrounds and large lakes. There are tons of opportunities for pumpkin picking and hay rides in the fall.

    In Riverdale and Ogden there are miles and miles of walking/jogging/running/biking trails open year round.

    I recommend staying out of local clubs and bars as they are very known for issues of violence. Utah is a 3.2 state so they have state liquor stores only open certain days of the week and you can only buy “strong beer” on base. All other places sell 3.2 beer. The local area is very known for having many microbreweries.

    This is a very mountainous area so there has been a wild animal sighting every now and then in populated areas. By no means a common occurrence.

    Hill AFB and it’s surrounding area has plenty to offer. Not many activities are on base and it does take a little researching to find what’s going on out in town, but every area is what you make of it.”


    Reviewer Amanda, “Hill AFB allows 2 pets but has breed restrictions. “


    Reviewer jennabugs, “It is a very safe area. My husband was deployed while we were stationed here, and I never worried.”



    Reviewer Teresagreb, “I enjoy taking the FrontRunner train from Layton or Clearfield station to Salt Lake City for shopping or having lunch at one of their many restaurants. For a round-trip ticket it is $7 and that includes one transfer to the TRAX trolleys that now run all the way down to South Jordan and the U of U Hospital. Salt Lake City is pedestrian friendly and bike friendly, so you can walk to bike to many destinations from the FrontRunner or TRAX. There is a shopping center called The Gateway that has lots of nice stores and restaurants, and also a Planetarium and Children’s Museum. There is a new upscale shopping center opening soon in the City Center, which is along the TRAX lines as well. There are buses, but I have not taken any of them anywhere. For more info, go to

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer emmac, “I have been here for almost three years, three LONG years at that. Not much to do here, especially for children. The museums for kids are a joke! Small and so busy because there is nothing else to do, unless you’re into skiing or hunting, which I am not. The only positive thing is that the mountains are beautiful.

    It amazes me how people say there are lots of things to do! It’s very limited! Apple picking? Yeah…that about sums it up.”

    Reviewer AFwifeandmomof2, “Utah is GORGEOUS though! —-but in the very close vicinity we have AWESOME things to offer. It is definitely a base for those who like to be outdoors, and if you do, you’ll LOVE it here! I recommend getting OFF base as often as possible so you can see and do everything that this area has to offer!”

    Reviewer cprez, “Hill AFB has many areas to explore. The mountains are beautiful, and you can take many different trips there. Explore the area, and eat the local food. It is all so good! :)”

    Reviewer gaskillh, “We have been at HAFB for almost 6 years, and yes we are ready to leave but that is not to say this is not a nice area. Utah is beautiful there are so many options for outdoor recreation the mountains provide hiking, camping, biking, skiing, snowboarding, sledding and hunting. There are several nearby lakes as well for fishing, boating, and swimming. Not too far away is southern UT very different from the area around the base it is a desert, you can find Arches National Monument which is beautiful. Sundays can take some getting used to many places are closed. If you get season tickets to Lagoon (a local theme park) slow Sundays are a bonus and you can spend the whole day at the park standing in very few lines! The base itself is largely civilian, this also took some getting used to dose not seem like people are as tight knit here as other bases we have been to. As with anyplace however it is what you make it, come in with a good attitude and you will have a good tour here!” Reviewer AmandaH, “We lived at Hill for 3 years and it is a really nice area. It took a little while to grow on me but now I miss it. So much to do there and you get all 4 seasons. Everything is close by that you need.”

    Page Updated: 19th April 2012