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Sheppard AFB

Sheppard AFB is located in Wichita Falls, Texas about 145 miles to the northwest of Dallas.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Reviewer jizworski, “If you decide to live on base, you have the option of attending Wichita Falls Independent School District or Burkburnett ISD.”

    Private Schools

    Reviewer jizworski, “Our daughter has microtia (missing an ear and ear canal) and is enrolled in EFMP. Unfortunately, the specialists that we need are in Lawton, OK (45 minutes from base), Oklahoma City (about 2 hours), or Dallas (about 2 hours). There hasn’t been a problem getting a referral so far.”

    Base Medical


    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    Reviewer jizworski, “There is a lot to do here and Dallas and Oklahoma City are not that far away. We have enjoyed our time here so far. Just about everything you need is here. The area is growing and there are currently 2 shopping centers under construction. It is a training base, so most of the activities and services on base are geared towards the Airmen-in-Training.”

    • Activities
    • The Falls

      Reviewer TrishMarshall09, “The Falls are awesome.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Dallas

      Reviewer DanielleG, “Hubby went to tech school there, its a small base in a small town, but only a 2 hour drive to dallas! 🙂 Dallas is a HUGE city, lots to do there :)”

      Oklahoma City

    • Exercise
    • Stroller Strides

      Reviewer alwayssmile, “Stroller Strides is a workout for moms and their little ones using their stroller. There is an active group locally that meets at a local park when weather is nice and inside the mall when weather is poor. It is definitely a full out workout that will exhaust you, but it is also a great place to meet other moms. Currently classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am. They also have a Luna Mom’s Club which meets up often outside of Stroller Strides classes. More information can be found at”

    • Parks
    • Shopping
    • Sports
    • Hair Salon

    K Salon

    Reviewer jenclark8, “The lady that owns this salon, Dena, is the only stylist there. I love her! She is so easy to be around and talk to, she is super nice, not fake or pretentious at all, and is extremely good at what she does. I look forward to my appointments with her, I know that Im going to have great conversation and that Im going to walk out with great hair. She also does my waxing. Unlike other places I have been, she did a complete run through of my skin care routine and concerns before she ever put any wax on me. I have every even waxed eyebrows, and she has never burned me or made a mistake. Her prices are good, and competitive compared to the other salons. I highly recommend K Salon.”

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    General Tips/Info


    Reviewer pmlancaster, “As for the bugs, most summers we have had tons of crickets and grasshoppers.”


    Reviewer pmlancaster, “There isn’t any traffic to speak of in Wichita Falls, not even “rush hour” traffic has ever bothered me.”


    Reviewer pmlancaster, “North Texas has some of the weirdest weather! In the summers you can expect extremely hot 100 degree+ days, and in the winter we DO get snow! This past summer (2011) it was so hot that not even the bugs wanted to come out! It’s dry heat, not humid, but in the summers you will want to stay inside where it’s nice and cool!”

    Did you like living here?