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Base Housing


Goodfellow AFB, Texas
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Base Housing1.160

9 Responses to Base Housing

  1. starla

    There are many housing developments near base, but I highly suggest base housing. The Landings have virtually no problems at all and if an issue arises, all you have to do is call the housing office and the quickly send someone out to fix whatever problem you may be having. No yard work. No utilities. No worries. The basic military housing is not very big, however. I have not visited any of the officer housing so other than the fact that they look very large and nice on the outside, I really can’t offer much help. But for a small family, the landings are great. We have loved it. 4 stars from our small family.

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    • Baz

      The Landings have virtually no problems? Have you even lived there? Maintenance quickly responds? You clearly don’t live there.

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  2. crystalkei

    The base housing that is newly constructed is awesome, but I hear the wait is long. Areas such as College Hills, Santa Rita, The Bluffs, and Southwest are all great places to live with homes in all price ranges. Crime is low in San Angelo but in these areas especially. The problem is there aren’t any areas where kids play outside. This is why I would choose base housing. More kids, more playgrounds, the neighborhood is built for children. 4 out of 5

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  3. nnj925

    Be very careful with base housing…b/c if your DH is below E7 or if you only have 1 child you are FORCED to live in the OLD 2-3 bdrm housing ON BASE (not the beautiful newly built base housing OFF base. The on base 2-3 bedroom old housing is HORRIBLE. I have had 2 people tell me horror stories about people partying ALL night long all week long…its Dirty poop, cig. butts…etc…many complaints have been made to housing to no avail!!!! Also…you should know..I called the housing office and got an Air Force guy on the phone that lives in this housing he confirmed all of these stories and and said he and his wife cannot wait to get the heck out of there its awful.

    So unless your hubby is E7 or higher or unless you have 2 or more kids….you would want to avoid the on base housing at all costs.

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    • katonaroof

      I absolutely agree! But they will put you in this housing even if you have 2 kids. Their reasoning is that if the kids are 7 or under they can share a room. I live in one of the terrible 2 bedrooms and I can’t wait to get out of it! We haven’t had any issues with our neighbors but the outside is not pretty and the inside matches it. What really bothered me was that there is no garage with these units, just shared covered parking for 1 vehicle per unit.

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  4. Jessica

    Does anyone have any updated information about the housing at GF AFB? Looking to move there this summer and wonder what the wait times are for houses. I have 2 children 4 and 8 boy and girl. Thanks

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  5. crystal

    I highly suggest triple checking any house off base. Check out the house with someone who knows what to look for. The house we ended up renting was a disaster & I had nothing but issues with the landlord. Does anyone know where I can report this to military off base housing list?

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  6. Baz

    I would caution people thinking Hunt Communities provides outstanding housing and great customer service. The customer service is terrible. If you want to be treated like a second-class citizen, this is the place. They will continually make you feel like you are the very last thing on their minds. Like other comments say, unless you are ADA, an E-7 or HIGHER, you are getting stuck in the 1940s TINY housing. I have a family of four and I’m being crammed into a 920sq.ft. house. Be assured, they are more than happy to still take ALL of your BAH AND make you pay for utilities.

    Do everything you can to get off-base residency. Do not give these people your money. They are a prime example of how a commercial company moving in and taking over housing is just ruining it for everyone.

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  7. Baz

    Just moved out and all of those horror stories came true. They don’t tell you that your final out really isn’t the last day you are responsible for the unit. They come in, rip up the carpet, take pictures of the stains (NONE of which were from me), take your keys, turn off the A/C and let the house sit for 2 days festering in the heat. They then come in a couple days later to “smell” the house. If it smells unpleasant, they will charge you and arm and a leg to either deodorize or replace the carpet. Isn’t that a nice little nugget of information they don’t tell you before you move out.

    We would shampoo that carpet every 3-4 months like clockwork. I think wall-to-wall carpeting is nasty and unsanitary, so we took steps to ensure that carpet stayed perfect. We never wore shoes in the house. Vacuumed all the time. Shampooed the carpet quarterly. Yet, all of that was pointless, as Hunt was set on charging us for new carpet anyway.

    I would NEVER recommend anyone rent from Hunt. They are sneaky and not forthcoming about all of the policies and procedures. The lease agreement, however long, is so poorly written they can get away with darn near anything. Find a nice place somewhere else in town and rent from them.

    Make no mistake, these people don’t care about you. They are a greedy corporation bent on sucking every penny out of the government through the members staying the those quarters. If you think you are getting something special by staying in base housing with Hunt, you are so sorely mistaken. Think the Housing Management Office (HMO) has your back? You are military after all right? There should be some sort of checks and balances to help protect the military member, right? WRONG. HMO doesn’t care. They don’t want to do anything that would cause them more work. Unfortunately, the way the lease agreement was written (not a contract) there isn’t much they could do anyway.

    Bottom line — Hunt can get away with whatever they want and no one cares.

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