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Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss is located in Fort Bliss, Texas about 300 miles to the west of Odessa.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Base Housing

    • The 108s
    • Logan Heights
    • Upper Beaumont
    • Lower Beaumont
    • Hayes
    • Pershing Heights
    • North Main Post
    • Red Bricks
    • Aero Vista
    • Corregidor

    El Paso (Northwest Side)

    El Paso (West Side)

    El Paso Independent School District

    • Tippen Elementary

    Private Schools

    Base Medical

    • Soldier Family Care Clinic



  • M&C Childrens’ Clinic

  • Logan CDC

    Logan Annex CDC (Off post)

    Main CDC – Fort bliss

    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    • Activities
    • Freedom Crossing

      Reviewer aliciarenee, “Since we have only been here for a few weeks we have not been many places but we have gone to freedom crossing which is where the PX and Commisary are. They have many places to eat like smash burger.”

      Wet N Wild

      Reviewer mztripp, “Decent sized water park
      Cost about $30 dollars
      Can get discount tickets for $15 at pic quick
      Family fun for all ages
      Can take in your own food
      Water Slides, Wave Pool, Diving board, tot/baby pool, toddler slides”

    • Cities nearby
    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Los Bandidos De Carlos and Mickeys

      Reviewer Stace10857, “Wonderful atmosphere! They usually have a mariachi band playing, especially on weekends! The food is GREAT!!!”

      Smash Burger

      Reviewer aliciarenee, “smash burger : it’s like five guys or fudruckers. they food is really good. My kids Love Smash burger and they have kids eat free every thursday. Also they have a kids play area outside.”

    • Shopping
    • Outlet Mall

      Reviewer mztripp, “The outlet mall on I-10 is best place to shop.”


      Reviewer mztripp, “If it is still there, Smiths is the best place for groceries.”

    • Sports
    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.

    Reviewer mztripp, “If your not living on base try and get place on east side of El Paso, better neighborhoods better schools. Better medical care outside of on post is located on the West side close to the mountains.”

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer CourtneyN, “The east side is GREAT I love it here! I was crying when I found out we had orders here, But it is nothing like I thought it would be…. There are two BRAC moves going on so housing is a tough one! A NICE home is going to run you what your BAH is if not more, but you can buy brand new houses on the east side for less than BAH! There is tons to do here! WE have all new PX that is state of the art!again it is like any other post as in it is what you make it!!! You have to make the best out of it! Yes, your close to mexico, but the non military ppl around are so helpful!”

    Page Updated: 4th April 2012