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Dyess AFB

Dyess Air Force Base is located in Abilene, Texas about 200 miles to the west of Dallas.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Base Housing


    • Bella Vista
    • Heritage Parks
    • Remington Estates


    Abilene Independent School District
    RatingNot Rated

  • Dyess Elementary
  • A great elementary school boundaries map can be found HERE

  • Clack Middle
    RatingNot Rated
  • A great middle school boundaries map can be found HERE

  • Cooper High
    RatingNot Rated
  • A great high school boundaries map can be found HERE

    Wylie Independent School District

    Private Schools

    Base Medical




    Physical Therapy

    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    • Activities
    • Abilene State Park

      Reviewer cncgobin, “Abilene State Park is just a short drive from Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas. The park offers camping, hiking, nature study, swimming (pool is open Wednesday – Sunday during the summer season), picnicking, fishing in Buffalo Wallow Pond in the park and nearby Lake Abilene, and biking and walking on park roads. :-)”

      Abilene Zoo

      Reviewer amiller0611, “The zoo is wonderful- small enough to cover in the morning before nap, but large enough that everyone stays interested. the giraffes have a huge bridge in their area that people can walk over and feed them crackers. the lions just had cubs.”

      Downtown Abilene

      Reviewer amiller0611, “downtown is a typical old texas town. there are definitely some bars, but there are many other fun places for families. the grace museum, frontier texas, buffalo gap, fort phantom lake- all awesome activities. i cant even begin to name all the opportunities for the military here.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Dallas (approx. 200 miles east)

    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Chick-fil-A

      Reviewer amiller0611, “chickfila on clack street is the best place to go when your spouse is deployed and you have crazy children who need to blow off some steam during january and the park is not an option. speaking of cold- it does snow here. once or twice every year since i’ve been here, but i’ve heard that is above average.”

      Reviewer kahliegoke, “Best restaurants: Bonzai Japanese Hibachi, Betty Roses, TaMolly’s, and Rosa’s. Little Panda is frozen Chinese food do not eat it.”

    • Shopping
    • Sports
    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.

    Reviewer amiller0611, “Dont judge a book by it’s cover- many people are very apprehensive or nervous about moving to the middle of nowhere in the middle of texas. Abilene is a wonderful town, and it is one of the most military friendly places in the entire country. It has in fact won national awards for it’s pro-military attitude. Military discounts are all over this town. There are many fun events to attend throughout the year, such as the Rattlesnake Roundup in February, the “worlds largest BBQ” in april which is a huge meal served free to all military, and the 10 day rodeo/fair in september.

    Dittos for Kiddos is the huge consignment sale held twice a year for moms wanting to sell or purchase children and baby items- it is quite an event, do not miss! is a great tool to use if you have small children or want to get to know the area.

    the base has a wonderful airpark- not just c-130s and b-1’s. tons of cool planes to check out. basically everything, EVERYTHING in this city is within a 15 minute drive. if you are coming from a big city, you will love the change. i leave for home and get so mad when it takes a half hour to get somewhere!

    hope this helps! welcome to Abilene, where the joke slogan is Keep Abilene Boring! (because Austin, TX’s slogan is “keep austin weird”) good luck!”
    Do you like living here?
    Page Updated: 12th April 2012