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Tarawa Terrace Elementary


84 Iwo Jima Blvd.
Camp Lejeune,NC 28543
Grades: PreK-6th
Phone: (910) 450-1635
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Tarawa Terrace Elementary11

One Response to Tarawa Terrace Elementary

  1. kbschaffer

    My son attended the Pre-K program here when he was 4 years old. I have nothing good to say of their Pre-K program, and I can not speak of K-2nd because I refused to have him go there for those grades. The staff in the front office were never very friendly. My son’s Pre-K teacher and teacher’s assistant were nice, but they had NO clue about my son and what he was capable of. It felt more like a daycare than anything else. They kept my son safe and he played, but he did not learn anything at all. At home I was working with him on reading and writing his name, and here the teacher sent home in a newsletter that they were working on pretend writing where they let the child scribble and then the child makes up what it says. They did not work on writing his name, recognizing number or the alphabet, overall they taught nothing! I was very disappointed, and in turn had to do all my child’s learning at home.

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