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Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
Base Housing

2 Responses to Pershing

  1. SM10

    The Pershing area is older housing, but built rather well. In Feb. 2011 there was freezing weather and a large majority of base housing had their pipes burst, but only 5 from the Pershing area had any issues, luckily, we weren’t one of the houses that had a problem.
    Pershing is a 1 level town-house style home. Our house had enough space to set up our home nicely. In Pershing you also have an option to have a large backyard. We choose to fence in our backyard and have been able to put up a few toys for our child to play with.

    Pershing area tends to be quite and friendly. We wave and say hello to the people who live next to us, but on average we don’t have an issue with noise around our house. We had an option to move with our second child (to get a larger house) but choose to stay put, because we love living in the Pershing area!

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  2. sal martines

    Does anyone have pictures of the neighborhood and pics of the interior and exterior of the houses. Thanks

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