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Malmstrom AFB

Malmstrom AFB is located in Great Falls, Montana about 100 miles to the northeast of Helena.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Base Housing

    • Matador
    • Minute Man Village
    • Titan

    Great Falls Public Schools

    Private Schools

    Base Medical



    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    Reviewer Momofnine, “Services are there. I know we used occupational, physical and speech therapy in Great Falls for our daughter with autism. So, as of 11 years ago, I know they had those services available. 4 stars”
    • Activities
    • The Childrens Museum

      22 Railroad Square
      Great Falls, MT 59401

      Reviewer ashleykaluza, “This great 2-level children’s museum is amazing. They have done such a great job including every age and gender. Everything in there is educational on some level. Definitely worth checking out on a rainy day or snowy day :)”

      Fish Hatchery

      4801 Giant Springs Road
      Great Falls, MT 59405
      (406) 452-5734 ‎

      Reviewer ashleykaluza, “This is an amazing place to hang out and go walking. you can feed the fish, go fishing and they have a playground. Awesome place for those who are photographers and have a picnic!”

      Hauers Family Skating Center Roller Skating Rink

      1807 3rd Street NW #38
      Great Falls, MT 59404
      (406) 727-7336

      Reviewer ashleykaluza, “Large skating rink. Very fun! Great place for birthday parties for the those who can skate :)”

      Lewis & Clark Center

      Reviewer Momofnine, “This was great family fun when it opened 11 years ago. Hope it is still fun!”


      Reviewer Momofnine, “Showdown Skiing (if it is still there): We LOVED this place to ski. Great for learners and families, too.”

      State Fair

      Reviewer KatiePlusG, “Montana State Fair every July is awesome! Great bands.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Reviewer KatiePlusG, “Take advantage of what is within driving distance by making trips to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Big Sky, Seattle. The Going to the sun road in Glacier National will take your breath away.”

      Reviewer CrisCap, “However, if you really want something fun and out of the ordinary, you will have to travel to another city. Spokane, Washington is about 6 hours and there are other really cool cities in Montana 4+ hours away.”

    • Parks
    • Gibson Park

      Park & Recreation Department
      1700 River Drive North
      Great Falls, Montana

      Reviewer ashleykaluza, “This is the “main”, most popular park in Great Falls. Very nice and kept up. 2 separate playgrounds to meet age needs. They have a little cafe with snacks you can walk into and a pond to feed the ducks. Bring your own bread. They also do the 4th of July firework show here (the other side next to the river though). For those who have older children who love to skateboard, they have a huge skateboard park here as well. Must see :)”

    • Restaurants
    • Jakers

      Reviewer lima fox, “Jakers is probably one of the nicest places to eat in Great Falls. There is a lack of fine dining in Great Falls, but Jakers is pretty close. It’s a little expensive, but the food is pretty good. They have great bread that they bring out. Also, the loaded potato soup is fabulous. As a starter, we usually got the potstickers….they’re incredible! I love the Big Island Rib Eye because it has a nice Asian inspired glaze.”

    • Shopping
    • Reviewer KatiePlusG, “Also, the mall is a joke, so you will probably be doing any serious shopping in Missoula and/or Billings. Definitely check out Hastings on 10th Ave. If you’ve never had a Hasting in your town before, you’re going to wonder how you lived without it!”

      Reviewer lima fox, “There isn’t very much in the way of shopping (the mall is a JOKE and only offers major stores like Sears, JC Penney, and a few other clothing and specialty stores….nothing great or exciting). Check out Central Avenue downtown because there are a few neat shops.”

      Reviewer CrisCap, “There are still the major shopping centers (wal-mart, target etc).”

    • Sports
    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.


    Reviewer Momofnine, “Well, I haven’t lived in MT for 11 years, but we were stationed at Malmstrom twice. Be wary driving through neighborhoods off base. Just because there is no stop sign at an intersection, don’t assume the traffic the other direction has one. Many neighborhoods had “uncontrolled” intersections. Yield to traffic on the right. In the winter, you DO need a block heater! Also, be aware of the fact that a sand/gravel mix was often used on snow (instead of salt) which meant tricky stops at intersections sometimes.”

    General Tips/Info

    Reviewer lima fox, “The area is very, very limited in terms of things to do, dining, shopping, entertainment, etc. If you enjoy the outdoors, you are in Heaven. If not, then you are in Hell. You really have to get creative and make the most of it. My husband and I were stationed at Malmstrom for 6 years (we don’t have children) and the only thing to do is party and drink (we are not drinkers so we were at a real loss since everyone enjoys drinking). Winter is looooong and you will find yourself trapped in your house unless you enjoy skiing and snowboarding. The closest major cities are about 3 to 4 hour away and are not cities if you judge them to other cities in the United States. They are more like large towns. Avoid the bars cause you will meet the wrong type of people.”

    Reviewer KatiePlusG, “The feelings on military people by the locals is mixed. On the one hand, you will get someone saluting you for your service on the other hand someone will tell you the military is ruining their town. Just be aware of the tension. It runs over into spouses being able to get a job in the area.”


    Reviewer CrisCap, “Being from a warm climate, the only thing I would really suggest is the proper shoes for the sometimes wet (snow and rain) weather. It is cold, but you get used to it… Or you stay inside. 🙂

    We have one car and one SUV. Of course the SUV does better in the snow, but the car does okay too (if you go REALLY snow when it is nasty out).”

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer KatiePlusG, “Great Falls is what you make of it. It can seem like a boring town with nothing going on, but enjoy the lack of traffic, enjoy the natural beauty, and be thankful for the Target!”

    Reviewer CrisCap, “This is the type of place that is what you make of it. If you want to like it, you will. I have been able to get a good job and have really liked the locals. I have nothing but nice things to say about people from the area in the business community. It is a small town,but better than the reputation suggests.”