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Mountain Home AFB

Mountain Home AFB is located in Mountain Home, Idaho about 40 miles to the southeast of Boise.

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Base Housing

    • Desert Skies Estates
    • Eagle View
    • Gunfighter Manor
    • Sagebrush View
    • Trinity Heights
    • Woodland Groves

    Mountain Home School District 193

    • Hacker Middle
    • Mountain Home Junior High
    • Mountain Home High

    Private Schools

    Base Medical


    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    • Activities
    • Arts & Crafts, Community Center & Youth Center

      Reviewer rcallison, “Mtn Home AFB Arts & Crafts, Bowling alley, Community center and Youth center always has something going on. Whether its for the kids, parents or events for the whole family. The 366th Forces Support Squadron usually posts all the upcoming events at their Facebook page. This is one of the things we really like about this base, there’s always something fun for the kids to do or for us to do together as a family.”


      Reviewer Felicia, “If you enjoy outside activities such as camping, hiking, fishing,skiing etc. then MHAFB is the place for you.”

      Strike Dam/Marina

      Reviewer agraham4049, “This is a beautiful place about 20 minutes away from base. There is a public area where there is a boat launch and you can fish and then, a little way down, there is a place where it is like a ‘beach’. It has shallow water and there are always people playing in it. There is not much sand at all but there is a huge area covered by trees with grass that is perfect for a picnic or relax. Dogs are permitted in this area only. On the other side, it is for AF only. You can rent boats, jet ski’s, paddle boats, etc. There are even little cabins you can rent out year round. Dogs are NOT permitted in this area or in the cabins. Also, they may want to see your military ID upon entering the area.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Boise, Idaho

      Reviewer quiana11, “I wanted to share a little bit about the city of Boise. I’m from Boise, Idaho so I’m biased; but it really is a fabulous city. Only about a 50 minute drive from the city of Mountain Home, Boise can provide many different entertainment options. Whether you like the outdoors activities, the shopping activities, or the leisure activities like movies or comedy shows, Boise literally has it all. It is a safe and clean city. If mountain biking or hiking is your thing, make your way to Camel’s Back park in the North End. This park provides many walking and riding paths and is a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon. Or if leisure biking is more your forte you can head to the Green Belt. The Green Belt is accessible from pretty much anywhere near Boise State Univesity’s campus and provides miles of shaded walking/biking trails. Also along the Green Belt you will find Julia Davis and Ann Morrison parks which are both equally relaxing and beautiful. On a really hot summer day you can cool yourself in the Boise River. But be careful, the current is strong. Speaking of the Boise River, don’t forget to try out “floating the river” as it’s called by Boiseans. You start at Barber Park and can tube or raft the three miles to the end of the river which is at Julia Davis Park. If you’re looking to expand your education, don’t forget about Boise State. This is a wonderful school that boasts a fabulous campus. And we can’t forget about those Broncos. Go root for them during the fall football season and join in one of the most exciting times of the year in Boise! You can also find museums of all sorts around Ann Morrison park. There is an art museum as well as the Discovery Center. The Discovery Center is a great place to take the whole family. It’s a hands-on learning environment that will provide several hours of entertainment! If you like shopping then the Boise Towne Square Mall will be a great place for you to go. The top stores are there along with many different places to eat to sustain you for the rest of your shopping day. I can’t say enough good things about Boise and I miss it so much. For anyone stationed at Mountain Home AFB you are lucky to be so close to a great city! Take full advantage of Boise while you can because there aren’t a lot of cities left like Boise in America.”

    • Parks
    • Restaurants

      Reviewer Felicia, “There are a few restaurants in Mountain Home. There’s Wingers, 2 McDonalds, 2 Subways, Wendys, Jack in the Box, Arbys & KFC. There are also a few Mexican restaurants. A place called Grindes Diner which is a greasy spoon type. There are many more restaurants and loads of shopping in Boise which is about 40 mins away.”

      Chi Yo Thai

      Reviewer Nicole, “This is our favorite restaurant in town for Asian cuisine! It’s just a little trailer, but it is so delicious! You definitely get enough food for your money and there is a pretty big variety of choices, though not as many as a full-size restaurant. Just a small warning though, she is a little Asian lady who is hard to understand and she never makes your food the exact same way twice. But it is the only place we go.”


      Reviewer Nicole, “I haven’t tried any other Mexican restaurants to compare to, but we were hooked the first time we ate here! Very authentic Mexican food in a restaurant that is family-owned and operated. I haven’t had anything I didn’t like. You definitely have to try it at least once, you won’t be disappointed!”

      Smoky Mountain

      Reviewer rcallison, “Great pizza!!! One of the few good places in Mountain Home!”

    • Shopping
    • Sports


    Knight Vet Clinic

    Reviewer rcallison, “With the base Vet being very limited its best to also find a vet in town. I take my dogs to Knight Vet Clinic. They are reasonably priced, friendly and informative. I haven’t had any problems when I’ve taken my dogs to them and will continue taking them here until we PCS again. They also do grooming, though we haven’t used that service yet.”



    Reviewer Felicia, “The place to go for ALL your beauty needs is Zensations. Everybody there is great! Hair(Leyda), nails,waxing,pedi/mani,massage,etc (Ruby) Barber(Tim). It’s one stop shopping. The atmosphere is awesome!!!”

    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.


    Reviewer Felicia, “Winter time driving can be pretty tricky in Mountain Home unless you’re used to it.”

    Reviewer agraham4049, “The drive from base to Boise is not bad on a sunny day. However, the wind gets really bad sometimes and can push your car around, as it is all desert. Also, snow and rain can really compromise the drive. Between mile markers 60-80 is where it is the worst. Leave early so you are not rushed. There are a lot of accidents due to speeding in addition to weather hazards. is the best place to get road closure information.”


    Reviewer Adrienne, “Mountain Home AFB — Family households on-base are limited to two pets (cats and/or dogs). Approval for more than two pets must be obtained in writing through the housing office from the 366th Mission Support Group Commander. Wild or exotic animals, such as snakes, ferrets, etc., are not allowed in base housing.


    366th Force Support Squadron Mountain Home AFB

    Mountain Home Enlisted Spouses Club Blog and on Facebook.

    Reviewer rcallison, “There are a lot of groups online that can also offer lots of help and many resources. There are groups for moms, spouses and a base page.
    Mountain Home AFB Moms
    Mountain Home Tot Time (some of have older kids also, as well as toddlers)
    Mt. Home AFB Spouses
    Mountain Home Air Force Base Gunfighters


    Reviewer Felicia, “When we were there it snowed quite a bit.”

    Reviewer Nicole, “If you’re looking for somewhere with all 4 seasons, this is your place! We pretty much get 3 months of every season. Winters are pretty mild compared to a lot of places. We usually don’t get more than a few inches of snow at a time, though they will seem harsher to those who are not used to winters. The thing that makes winters seem so bad is the lack of winter preparation by the town! They use dirt and gravel instead of salt, which doesn’t help much with icy roads. And they don’t plow very well, which just adds fresh snow on top of snow that has turned into ice from driving on it.”

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer agraham4049, “I have really enjoyed Mountain Home being our first duty station. It is a quiet area and there are a lot of things to do and explore. The base support is amazing.You can always find someone to help you if you have a question or problem. It is a town own its own since the actual town of Mountain Home is 15 min. away and Boise is 50min-1 hour away.”

    Reviewer TracyS, ” I loved living at Mountain Home. To be honest I didn’t like it when I first moved there but I was being simple minded. Once we got out of our house and off the base we really enjoyed the all the outdoor activities the area has to offer. Strike Dam, The mountains, The sand dunes, The hot springs. We even bought an RV so we could go camping up in the mountains. You can just pick a spot. Hiking and the history of the area were also great. It is a desert area and is a drive from Boise. However you do get small town living. The town really likes to support the military community by putting on celebrations throughout the year. It is about a 45 minute drive to Boise for shopping. They have pretty much any kind of shopping you would want as well as a good selection of restaurants. If you need to be in the middle of it all then rent a house in Boise and make your spouse drive to work everyday. If you only need to be around it sometimes live in Mountain Home or on base and drive to Boise on the weekends.”

    Page Updated: 19th April 2012