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Oahu Installations

There are numerous military installations located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

25th Infantry Division Website:

Air Station Barbers Point:

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Website:

MCB Kaneohe Bay Hawaii Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Aliamanu Military Reservation

    • Aliamanu Rim/Red Hill Community

    Camp Smith

    Helemano Community

    Hickam Base Housing

    • Bellows AFS

    Fort Shafter Base Housing

    • Fort Shafter Community

    Kaneohe Bay Base Housing

    Pearl Base Housing

    • Halawa
    • Hale Ali’i
    • Halsey Terrace
    • Hokulani
    • Hospital Point
    • Kamehameha Loop
    • Luke Field
    • Makalapa
    • Maloelap
    • Manana
    • Marine Barracks
    • McGrew Point
    • Moanalua Terrace
    • Nob Hill
    • Hele Mai

    Schofield Barracks Base Housing

    • Canby Community
    • Porter Community
    • Santa Fe Community

    Tripler Army Medical Center

    • Tripler Community

    Wheeler Army Air Field

    • Wheeler Community

    Ewa Beach (click for comment)
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    Hawaii Kia

    Kailua (click for comment)


    Kapiolani (click for comment)
    RatingNot Rated

    Mililani (click for comment)
    RatingNot Rated

    Hawaiian Public School District

    Radford Complex



    Private Schools

    • Holy Family Catholic School


    • Ho’ala
    • Trinity Lutheran

    Homeschooling Support

    Base Medical

    • Branch Medical Clinic Kaneohe Bay
    • Hale Kahu Moana Clinic
    • Naval Health Clinic Hawaii


    Reviewer rjacobs, “Pearl Family Dental, they get you in and out quickly and they give good recommendations to other dentist offices if you need oral surgery. 4 stars.”

    • Pearl Family Dental
    • Pedodontic Associates


    Child Development Centers

    • Fort Shafter CDC
    • Helemano Military Reservation CDC
    • Lyman CDC
    • Schofield Barracks CDC

    Kaneohe Bay

    • Kupulau CDC
    • Laulima CDC
    • Olina CDC

    Reviewer Jess, “There are 3 daycares/CDC’s on base I live right across the st from 2 the one that just got built is called Laulima and the other one is Kupulau both next to the mxc/annex/food court/commissary/post office/mcdonalds and the other is called Olina that one is by the officers club. My friend works at the Kupulau and I have a friend who takes her son there it is great they get breakfast, lunch and a snack, they teach them how to potty train and things they would teach them at school basically, my daughter doesn’t go because I am a stay at home mom at the moment but i would recommend kupulau and laulima they are nice olina is ok too they have full time and part time. I think both you and your spouse need to be working or in school in order for your child to get accepted. 5 stars. they also have a youth center that just got built.”

    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    • LD and ADHD Centre of Hawaii

    Reviewer Jess, “Yes my daughter had a speech delayment and I talked to her pediatrician about it and I was referred to Easter Seals in Kailua, it is located by the back gate across the st from the aikahi shopping center. Her speech therapist came to our home 1 time out of the week so an hour or so and my daughter is up to date and is chattering away, I even took her to their location in kailua every thursday at 9 for toddler group (only kids that get therapy from them can go) and it was so much fun the only thing that makes me sad is their services end when they turn 3 but they help you find a pre school or whatever else you need for your child. I rate them a 5! I love Lorena (speech teacher/therapist) and Ms. Pam (woman in charge of toddler group) and Lindsey she helped out so much as well. Once again it’s Eater Seals in Kailua unless you are on the other side of the island then you can search on their website.

    ABA Therapy

  • ACES Hawaii – Tricare approved
  • Reviewer alohamamma, “This is the company you will be automatically referred to. They are good, just new. Make sure they have a MAXIMUM of 2 therapists working with your daughter. NEVER more than 2. Also, they have a facility, so they do have camps there in the summer, and they usually try to give parents a date night. This is not the same as RESPITE, it uses your TriCare allowance. You can visit the center anytime you want. It’s in Waikele behind the Office Depot, near Kmart. They will welcome your visit and tell you about their program.”

  • Behavioral Counseling & Research Center (BCRC) – Tricare approved
  • Reviewer alohamamma, “This is the company we use. I like to use them because you can have the same people in your home as in the school. BCRC has a contract with the DOE, but ACES does not. So BCRC therapists can use DOE hours at the school, and Tricare hours in your home. Then you have the same people helping you with both. It is the best way to stay in the loop, and is the reason we left ACES. I didn’t want different people with her all the time, it didn’t work for us. If you want to use BCRC, tell Lin Connor when you talk to her that you wish to go with that company or you will be automatically enrolled in ACES. If you don’t like a therapist, make sure and tell your supervisor that you don’t feel they are a “good match”. Remember also, you can change between ACES and BCRC if you don’t like one or the other. It just means about a month or so to work out the paperwork and no services during that time.”

    Adaptive Surfing Instruction

  • AccesSurf Hawaii
  • Reviewer lala29, “AMAZING Program! We have not participated in their instruction yet. They have a “Day at the Beach” once a month. It is free. They have trained volunteers helping kids and adults with special needs to surf, swim, or snorkel. We went and had a blast. I was afraid my older son would feel left out, but they included him too “because the disability affects the whole family”. They had so much fun surfing. The volunteers help them to get onto the board and then take them out and stay with them on the board. Absolutely awesome, check it out!”


  • Manawalea Riding Center
  • Reviewer alohamamma, “Free horseback riding therapy for autistic kids. VERY good program for behaviors. Teaches responsibility and accountability. Check it out. It’s free.”

    Reviewer lala29, “While tracking down an OT and PT, I met a therapist who has a horse here. She knows the owner and couldn’t stop talking about this place. It’s open to ALL special needs kids.”

    Music Therapy

  • Sounding Joy Music Therapy, Inc.
  • Reviewer alohamamma, “Free music therapy for autistic kids. Also, very good for behaviors.”

    Neurofeedback/EEG Biofeedback Therapy

  • Amanda Armstrong, BCIAC
  • Reviewer alohamamma, “Free Neurofeedback Therapy (billed to Tricare through mental health “other”). This is super cool. Check it out.”

    Other Useful Info

    Hawaii Disability Rights Center

    Reviewer alohamamma, “FREE advocate to help you with IEP process. Our advocate was Ida. If you can get her, she is the best.

    ECHO program

    Reviewer alohamamma, “Director: Lin Conner, 1-866-876-2384 x42018 or (602)564-2018 email is Call to enroll. If she says you need a referral, ask your developmental pediatrician. She should be seen by the developmental pediatrician 2x’s a year. It should be on her EFMP as well that she needs a developmental pediatrician. (A therapist is NOT the same thing). Then, when they call you to schedule an appt, ask for Dr. Ching. Wait if you have to, to see him. No one else is worth anything, except Dr. Roy.”

    Things to know:

    Reviewer alohamamma, “You get approximately 12 hours per week of therapy in the home, but they are like cell phone minutes. You only lose them at the end of each fiscal year with begins October 1. If you need to use extra hours one week, you can. If you have family come for a week and you use no hours, make sure you make those hours up later. I had to fight a little, but we used 5 hours a day for 2 weeks during a vacation. So, make sure you use your hours when you need them most! Nights, weekends, even for an hour in the morning to help her get ready for school. Yes, they will come to help you get her in the car. It’s AMAZING.

    Best IEP book to read:
    Wrightslaw: All About IEPs
    If you spend money on one thing, it should be this. This book is a very very very valuable resource for you. I can’t say that enough. I didn’t send the school an agenda, or tape record, but I did do the worksheets for myself, to help me prepare and organize.

    Also, getting involved with local chapters of groups like TACA will save your life. Find the groups you like best and join them like a cult. HaHA☺”

    • Activities
    • Reviewer adriane555, “There is so much to do here if you just get out. My tip is to go to the court house downtown and get a Hawaii ID made. You don’t have to get a driver’s license to be considered Kamaina – local. If some places do not give a military discount, ask about a Kamaina discount. Lots of times they do one or the other. There are so many beaches and beach parks and there are hiking trails galore. Buy a book at the PX about hiking Hawaii and go out for an adventure. Pretend to be a tourist downtown for a day. Try local stuff, you never know what you might like. Whatever you do, you have to have a good attitude about it. We are very active and get out to see the sights. We get a season pass to the waterpark. Sometimes they do free stuff at the little aquarium and stuff. You have to leave the base to see what is out there. You can park at Hale Koa – the military hotel – and jump on the Waikiki trolley for farely cheap and see the sites that way. You can take the bus around the whole island. You can get year passes to the zoo, etc. “

      Reviewer BLP104, “There are tons of fun things to do here. Go to the newcomers orientation thru ACS and MWR, it is worth the listen and gaining info for the island. Its hard to think of everything. I am always open to be contacted via email or fb if specific questions arise. “


      Reviewer AliceP, “One thing I have known quite a few people to do and I wish we would have had the chance is take one of the hops up to Alaska.”

      Bellows AFS

      Reviewer rjacobs, “The beach here is one of the best on the island. Everyone should stay in the cabins or tent camp here for a weekend. They offer putt-putt golf, paintball and a driving range. They also have rental equipment for parties on Bellows and pavilions you can rent out. There are volleyball nets and a playground for kids.They have a shoppette to use and a Subway. There is also a really great hike close to Bellows called Makapu’u. Pele’s chair is also at Makapu’u.”

      Dole Plantation

      Reviewer PAwife, “This is a fun place to take guests and kids. They take you on a train ride through the pineapple fields while being educated on the pineapple history in Hawaii. My favorite thing about Dole is the DOLE WHIP. Its their pineapple icecream. AMAZING!!!! I get the twist, its twisted with a creamy vanilla and topped with fresh pineapple. YUM. Good family fun. They also give Military discounts. Try to go during the week when its less crowded. You can also tour their garden with has some beautiful plants and flowers.”

      Gunstock Ranch (keiki rides)

      Reviewer PAwife, “We took our children (toddlers) here for horse rides. We had a great time. Nice long path, but short enough for the kids. We finished and got to brush, pet, and feed the horses carrots. The also had goats that you could pet while you waited for your ride. The girls at the ranch were all very nice.I think this is one of the only ranches that offer children rides. *They offer military discount and groupon discounts. They also offer many other adults rides, lessons, and swim lessons”

      Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

      Reviewer PAwife, “Best place to snorkel on the island. Its a nature preserve so there are tons of tropical fish! Ive even swam with a sea turtle there. Its amazing. Its also a very nice beach to visit. $1 for parking, $7.50 admission, Military and residents are free with ID. You do have to watch a short video about the park before entering. But after watching it once you can add your name to a list and can bypass that part the next time. You have to walk down a HUGE hill to get to the beach and obviously back up which can be exhausting after a long day at the beach. They offer a trolly ride up and down for a small fee. (its worth it for the trip back up)Take your own snorkel gear or rent theirs.”

      Honolulu Zoo

      Reviewer PAwife, “The exhibits are close up so you get a great view of the animals. They have a good amount of animals, pretty much everything you would expect. Nice play ground to stop and play and eat lunch. Great location. Easy to get to and easy to leave. I have a season pass which i think was about $45 for 2 adults and 4 children. You do have to pay for parking which is $1 an hour. Teddys Bigger Burgers is across the street which are very good and so is the beach.”

      Hikes on Oahu

      Reviewer rjacobs, “Waimea Falls: You can swim under the waterfall and the scenery is gorgeous.

      Manoa Falls: Awesome hike through Hawaii’s “rainforest”.

      Diamond Head: Not that pretty on the way up but when you get to the top the view is worth it. You can see all of Honolulu.

      Koko Head: This is a more difficult hike but the view at the top is really pretty.”

      Reviewer lala29, “We just did Manoa Falls last week. If you go in the winter (rainy season) be prepared to have muddy shoes! My son’s shoe got suctioned into the mud and his foot came right out of it.”

      Kaneohe Bay Base

      Reviewer Jess, “I take my daughter to ballet classes, i recommend that for sure it also has gymnastics in the same building that’s great too. They have swimming lessons. There are 2 pools on base, a bowling alley, a mini golf course, dog parks, gym, parks,a lot of playgrounds, beaches on base. This base is just wonderful, I love living here and I am going to miss it very much.”

      Sea Life Park

      Reviewer PAwife, “A fun day for the kids. Its a very small park but they do have a lot. The shows are nice because you get to sit very close. They offer packages to swim with the dolphins. The dolphin show was great. They have a whalphin. whale/dolphin. Watch the ITR for ticket specials. *If you have been to Sea World its a disappointment, but its still a decent little park for the kids. Perfect size for small children.”

      Waimea Falls

      Reviewer PAwife, “This is a beautiful paved hike through a forest with beautiful scenery. At the end of the mile long walk you end up at a very nice waterfall that you can swim up to. There are life guards on duty with life jackets for children. They are open daily. You do have to pay to get in. I think military discount is $10.00 children free under 4. We take the stroller or wagon and make a day of it. We have a season pass.”

    • Beaches
    • Bellows AFS

      Reviewer rjacobs, “The beach here is one of the best on the island.”

      Hickam Beach

      Reviewer PAwife, “This is another one of our favorite beaches for the kids to play. Small waves, life guard, cool scenery of the airport runway, (you can watch the jets take off), kayak and paddle board rentals, covered areas with grills, nice sunset, and a restaurant which is being renovated. The weekends can get busy. Weve never had a problem getting parking though.”

      Ko Olina Lagoons

      Reviewer PAwife, “This is by far our favorite beach(es) to take our toddlers. They are protected lagoons that are pretty shallow (but do get deep further out) and no waves. Its like a kiddie pool. There are 4 lagoons. The only problem is that the parking sucks. But the benefit of that is that its never really busy. Great place to go during the week. The bathrooms are very clean also. * You can bring umbrellas, tents, or grills. There are many resorts and chapels there so they like to keep the beaches clean. There are plenty of grassy areas with shade. You can also see the humpback whales from this beach during winter and if your lucky a sea turtle.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Honolulu

      Reviewer nutt123, “There is so much to here for FREE! Beach after Beach, mountains to climb, waterfalls to see, lots of stuff on the bases for kids to do. Unique culture to explore as well.”

    • Exercise
    • Stroller Strides

      Reviewer mgabell25, “I am an instructor for a mom’s workout class on post called Stroller Strides. We meet 3 days/week on Watts field. Cost is $60/month for unlimited classes at Schofield, CORP, and Kapolei. Central Oahu Regional Park (CORP) is a short drive (15 min) from Schofield and classes are held Tues, Thurs and Sun. It is a great way to get back in shape and be able to workout with your children. We also have play groups and Mom’s Nights Outs planned every month. A free trial class is offered for new members. We are also opening a new location on Hickam in the next 6 months.”

    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Anna Millers

      Reviewer anj2000, “Anna Millers has a delicious mouth-watering strawberry Haupia pie.”


      Reviewer megank42, “They have BOMB pasta! Homemade! And these amazingly yummy garlic balls. I swear I could eat a whole basket of just the garlic balls!! Service is pretty fast to! Waiters have always been super nice! The fettuccine alfredo is what we always get! Me and my 18 month old can share the regular plate. My hubby usually gets his with chicken. AND there is always coupons for Bravo either in the newspaper or if you go to the mall look in the flyer! Its usually 5 bucks off your purchase, after 4pm!”


      Reviewer rjacobs, “Cholo’s is one of the best Mexican restaurants on the island and the portions sizes are big here. It is located on the North Shore in Haleiwa.”

      Chun Wa

      Reviewer anj2000, “A great chinese place at Wamalu Shopping center called Chun Wa.”

      Dixie Grill

      Reviewer LdybugSammi, “best fried pickles, screamin Mai Tais and white sangria!”

      Reviewer rjacobs, “Dixie Grill has really good food and the drinks are amazing. The atmosphere here is really relaxed. About a 5 to 10 minute drive from Hickam AFB. It is located in Aiea, HI.”

      Reviewer PAwife, “I am not as impressed with the Dixie Grill as everyone else. The food is ok. I had smoked turkey which was really dry, rice was gross, baked beans nothing special, mashed potatoes ehh. What did we like THE SWEET TEA!!! Only place on the island I have been able to find it and its delicious! Their homemade mac and cheese is really good too… but Im a sucker for homemade mac and cheese. The fried pickles are pretty dang good also. The beers are huge. Its a dive, but its the only place around that offers mainland southern style food. Next time I will try something other than the turkey and maybe I will have a different opinion. The make all of their meats daily and once they sell out its gone. Other wise I would have went with the beer can chicken. Next time. We also liked that it was nice and loud in there and they serve popcorn while you wait… which kept our toddlers happy for the first time ever in a restaurant! Thats worth a return visit in itself!”

      Gordon Biersch

      Reviewer CynthiaG, “Gordon biersch at aloha tower is the best! Our fav place to eat and enjoy live music on patio.”

      Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii Kai

      Reviewer pAwife, “Best fish tacos! Good pizza, good beer, Ive seen live music there before, right on the water (in a little bay) In a nice shopping center also. Weve always had great service. Outside seating is available. The sunset is pretty nice here also. Not bar food, its very good fresh food. Check it out if your on this side of the island.”

      Leonards Bakery- Malasadas

      Reviewer PAwife, “You must try some malasadas at Leonards Bakery. There are a few different locations.A malasada is a doughnut without the hole.golden brown and crisp with a light and fluffy inside and sugar on the outside. You can also add a filling to them. They always have a yummy flavor of the month. They kind of remind me of a donut that tastes like a funnel cake!! Sooo good”

      Matsumoto Shave Ice (Haleiwa Hi)

      Reviewer PAwife, “Best shave ice on the island!! Im not big into snow cones…. but shave ice is different and amazing!! Dont try it anywhere but here. There is always a line for a reason.”

      Ninja Sushi

      Reviewer CynthiaG, “Ninja Sushi is awesome! Get the superman roll!”


      Reviewer PAwife, “This is a wonderful restaurant for a date night. They have a couple locations on the Island. Its pricey, but worth it! Some of the best food Ive ever had. I had a steak dish, my husband had a butter fish and ahi, and the pineapple upsidedown cake…. everything was amazing! Dinner cost us around $100 for 2 people (with drinks and desert)”


      Reviewer anj2000, “Shiro’s has awesome simen dishes”

      Teddys Bigger Burgers

      Reviewer PAwife, “Great fresh made burgers and fries. Reasonable prices and lots of locations. *Make sure to tell them to cook your burger well done other wise it comes out med well. They have great fries too.”

      Waialua Bakery in Haleiwa

      Reviewer PAwife, “Wonderful place to stop and grab a sandwich and a smoothie and head to the beach to watch the surfers. They grow their own produce and bake their own breads. The food is delicious and inexpensive. My new favorite sandwich shop in Hawaii!”

      Yummy’s Korean BBQ

      Reviewer anj2000, “Yummy’s Korean BBQ is good.”

    • Shopping
    • Swap Meet

      Review anj2000, “Don’t forget to go to the swap meet on Wed, Sat, Sun.”

    • Sports
    • Rainbow Gymnastic

      Reviewer PAwife, “I enrolled my daughter after trying HITS gymnastics and being disappointed. Rainbow gymnastics does a great job with her age group (3-4 year olds) they actually teach them gymnastics and keep them moving the whole class. I have also heard good things about Hawaiian Island Tumblers, although I have not tried them.
      (I think HITS would be good with older children, but their toddler class was a joke.)”

    Car Shipping


    MWR Pet Kennel

    Reviewer lala29, “Great place! It’s located right next to the quarantine facility so if your pet is done with quarantine, but you don’t have a place to move into yet, this is a great option.”

    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.


    Reviewer tinymiss00, “Prepare for bugs. They are everywhere! In Hawaii, a roach or two doesn’t necessarily mean run down, dirty, or shoddy housing! (however a colony of roaches is a different story!). There are cane spiders as big as your hands, and centipedes as well.

    Reviewer PAwife, “Bugs; I dont have a problems with bugs. Maybe Im just lucky. This actually might be the only place I havent had a problem with bugs (knock on wood). Animals:Stray cats, chickens, mongoose, lizards, even peacocks in some areas are common.”

    Reviewer anj2000, “I suggest use “Home Defense” spray for bugs. You can purchase it at the NEX home and garden area located across KFC. Spray it heavy out side yard lining your porch near sliding door entering house, windows, and line all around home. Spray heavy. Spray again 2 weeks later and after that spray every month on time and consistantly. Also, spray inside home every two weeks. ALWAYS after every meal, wipe off food off the floor with a sponge or disposable paper towel. Sweep off dry food and wash the broom off every use. Older kids as well as adults always think they were neat eating and few crumbs not bad, but in Hawaii you are inviting an army of ants to show up 5 minutes later. My husband thought I was OCD until I proved him wrong when he saw how quickly the ants came. 🙂 You just have to be OCD during meal times…especially with young kids. Dont allow them to touch toys after eating without washing hands. If they have food on their clothes, change the kids clothes. If they get food on your couch or it falls from shirt to floor…ARMY OF ANTS! Also, the ants love those soft rubber toy balls…be aware of that, too. Take out trash every night, always do dishes and leave the kitchen clean. Im telling you this to save you from having major and constant issues. People always wondered why I did not have bug problems and Im revealing to you my tropical survival techniques. Remember, you dont want an ant problem. Centepedes love ants. :)”

    Reviewer AliceP, “We lived on Ford Island and never had a problem with rats, but did hear about it on the rest of the island. Ants were hit and miss.”


    Reviewer lala29, “All bicycles with 20” wheels and larger are required to be registered with city and county of Honolulu. They will give out fines if you don’t. Info on where to go can be found on their website.

    Reviewer MariaP, “The state of Hawaii does REQUIRE you to register your bicycle, however, as long as you are on the base it doesn’t apply. If you ride your bike off the base and don’t have it registered you could get cited especially in Waikiki. Also, if you purchase a bike in Hawaii (with the exception of the bases) you will be charged and required to pay the bicycle registration fee as part of the purchase of the bike. It happened to us and that is how we became so familiar with their bicycle laws. I live on Joint Base Pearl Harbor and the only requirement is that you wear a helmet. No reflective gear or long sleeves are necessary for riding bikes.”

    Reviewer AndreaT, “At Kbay reflective belts were required for bikers, walkers, runners after colors. Helmets always required”


    Reviewer lala29, “Your orders will only cover the moving of one car. You will need to pay to ship a second one. Some people sell their car before moving here and then by something used once here. Another option is to use the Opportune Lift Program. I don’t have any personal experience with it, because I didn’t know before moving here, but will definitely be looking into it when we leave Hawaii because it will be A LOT cheaper than paying for shipping.”

    Reviewer PAwife, “Traffic: Is pretty bad. But its an island an most people live in Honolulu (I think they say 75% or something like that) We live in AMR and my husband works at Tripler which is a very easy commute. Going from AMR to Schofield Barracks is a good commute also because the traffic travels the opposite way. Avoid H1 and Kam HWY during rush hour. You’ll be there for hours.”

    Reviewer AliceP, “The H1 can really back up. From about the stadium I could make it downtown in about 15 min, if there was traffic it could take 45 min/an hour.”

    General Tips/Info

    Reviewer rjacobs, “Buy the book “O’ahu Revealed” by Andrew Doughty . He wrote a book for every island in Hawaii like this. I recommend if you travel to another island to get their revealed book. These books tell you just about everything to do on the island from the best beaches, to hikes, and places to eat. ”


    Reviewer Afwifey, “Writing to you to include in the important links section for military installations on Oahu. There ate a number of base specific pet pages/groups with numerous amounts of people that can help with posing with pets, they are: first, Hawaii Military Pets, Hickam AFB Pet Page, Schofield Pet Page, Marine Corp Base Hawaii Pet Page, and AMR Pets. Please send people to these pages. Also word of the wise, the quarantine process for pets needs to be started 4 months before pet enters island if you expect to have your pet directly released to you. The quarantine checklist link is

    Reviewer BLP104, “If moving with a pet make sure you read all info on coming to Hawaii with a pet. There is a quarantine process involved along with payments and paperwork.”

    Reviewer lala29,”Start this process as soon as possible to limit the time your pet is in quarantine. There is no rabies on the island so the process is lengthy to keep it that way. You can find out all of the requirements at the Hawaii Department of Agriculture website. You will need to have a microchip placed into your pet. Also, some of the quarantine fees are refundable through your travel claim.”


    Aloha Army Wives *Very friendly page with people willing to help families of all branches coming to Hawaii.

    Hawaii Military Wives on Facebook and website.

    Hawaii Military Wives: Support Group

    Pearl Harbor Submarine Officers’ Spouses’ Association


    Reviewer tinymiss00, “There’s no winter over here, so no need for jackets- but it does rain quite often so an umbrella may be helpful!”

    Reviewer PAwife, “Weather: Is amazing. Best weather I have ever lived in and probably ever will. Its an average of 80 degrees year round. Very low humidity. It rains more in the winter and spring and you will get to see beautiful rainbows every day!! The days are hot in the sun, comfortable in the shade, cool in the evenings… sometimes you may even need a light sweater. I have not yet worn jeans here. Some people do. They rainy days can get pretty cool. I think it was upper 60’s this week with rain and wind and everyone was freezing (funny right??)”


    Hickam AFB Online Yard Sale

    Schofield Barracks Online Yard Sale

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer adriane555, “My main tip for anyone stationed on any base in Hawaii is that it is what you make it. Yes, you are thousands of miles from family but there is a family to be made here too. I have made some really really great friends. But you can’t sit on the base and do nothing. You have to explore. Take advantage of this great opportunity to explore this beautiful place and make memories you will never forget. Have a good attitude about it and you will have fun. Don’t think it is just beaches here. There are many other things to do here. Buy a book about Hawaii or things to do in Hawaii or get one at the library. Then go exploring and see what fun you can have. This is our second tour here and we are so excited to do even more then we did last time.”

    Reviewer anj2000, “Hawaii is a beautiful place full of history and beautiful culture. I always hated to hear miserable wives complaining. I understand about missing family and friends, but make new friends! and family will want to come visit and see Hawaii and go site seeing. 🙂 Want to go back!!! :)”

    Reviewer AliceP, “We miss Hawaii! Make sure you get to the other islands…they are all so different!”

    Page Updated: 16th May 2012