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Crestview, Florida
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5 Responses to Crestview

  1. cprez

    I live in Crestview and I give it 4 stars. I like how quiet the area up in Crestview is, I like the size of the houses and the yards for the price. Great schools, and extracurricular activities for children also. I do not like the commute to the base or the bigger cities.

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  2. Moving House

    As far as off base housing goes, the base itself is in the middle of several small towns, all of which are questionable places to rent/buy homes. There are a few apartments which are good, but the housing is again old and hit and miss regarding safe secure neighborhoods. 90% of military members who do not live in base housing choose to live in Navarre or Crestview.

    Crestview is the new up and coming area, all the housing is of a newer level and still building everyday, it is the same distance as Navarre is but no stop lights, the commute still runs 25-30 minutes on a good day. Crestview is also at a disadvantage being so far from the beach and the goings on of beach area.

    Housing in both Navarre and Crestview is “bang for your buck” and would rate 5 stars, the commute and isolation however rates around 2.

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  3. Jordan

    Crestview, a city about fifteen minutes from Eglin is an option for many, as housing was typically less expensive. We felt Crestview just was a bit too far away, and although it has grown immensely, it still felt too rural to us, compared to Fort Walton proper. And Crestview’s further from the beaches. Some folks call Crestview ‘Crest-tucky’ because of its reputation as a more country lifestyle.

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  4. Amanda

    Crestview is a good city if you’re looking for more house for your money and if you enjoy a more laid back style. It is pretty country, and the older locals tend to try to keep new businesses from springing up, so there is not a lot of places to eat or shop. But if you don’t mind the commute the houses are much bigger and newer. I own a home there and am glad we bought in Crestview.

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    • Joshua

      I would like to see what peoples opinion of Crestview and the commute Hurlburt field from there are now in 2017. We are looking to buy a house out there because you get more house and land for your money. Any advice would be appreciated.

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