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RAF Lakenheath/Mildenhall/Feltwell

RAF Lakenheath is located in Suffolk, England about 45 miles to the southwest of Norwich. Nearby are RAF Mildenhall and RAF Feltwell.

RAF Lakenheath Website:

RAF Mildenhall Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Reviewer brookehall, “Anything around Mildenhall (West Row, Holywell Row, Beck Row): Beck Row was where we we lived. We also lived in Newmarket base housing, which was really nice, but the drive was really far from the base and we wanted to move closer.”

    Feltwell On-Base Housing

    Lakenheath On-Base Housing

    Mildenhall On-Base Housing

    Off base Housing



    Reviewer brookehall, “We had friends who sent their kids to the school in Mildenhall and Beck Row and LOVED it. A few also used the school on base and had no complaints.”

    DoDEA Schools

    • Feltwell Elementary
    • Lakenheath Elementary
    • Lakenheath Middle
    • Lakenheath High
    • Liberty Intermediate

    Beck Row Schools

    Mildenhall Schools

    Private Schools

    Lakenheath Base Medical

    Reviewer brookehall, “We used both the Lakenheath and Mildenhall CDC’s and had no complaints about either place.”

    Lakenheath CDC

    Mildenhall CDC

    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Reviewer brookehall, “They do have EDIS (Early Development Intervention Services). Our friends had a baby born with special needs, and they were referred to Cambridge for care, which is about a 30-45 minute drive from the base.”

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    • Activities
    • Beach

      Reviewer that_lady, “I found a BEAUTIFUL beach in Cornwall (St. Ives area) that was far better than any beach in Spain or Greece we ever saw.”

      Bob Hope Center

      Reviewer that_lady, “The Bob Hope Center is a small community like center that houses a little kid climbing/play area. It also has an adjoining coffee shop/computer lab perfect for grabbing a coffee on the way to the play center to let your little ones run around while you sip on your coffee and browse the internet on any Wi-Fi devices you may have. There are also a few pieces of exercising equipment that you can use while your children are playing as well. “

      Reviewer brookehall, “The Bob Hope Center on Mildenhall had a great coffee house/kids play area with a workout area for parents when we were there.”

      Bury St Edmunds

      Reviewer brookehall, “Bury St Edmunds has some great shopping, ruins to visit, and beautiful gardens to walk through and picnic in during the spring months.”


      Reviewer brookehall, “If you like castles, England has tons of them. We were more interested in castle ruins than restored castles. Our favorite castle and one we visited several times was Dover Castle on the coast. On a clear day you can see the coast of France.”

    • Church
    • Reviewer brookehall, “The Contemporary Service at Mildenhall was a great chapel service if you need a church. Also check into Something Like Church at Cafe Decurro on Lakenheath. There is also a Cadence Hospitality House in West Row.”

    • Cities nearby
    • Bury

      Reviewer littlemama910, “Bury is 1/2 hour away and has a new mall and a great movie theater that plays kids movies for a pound on saturday mornings. Some American type restaurants are located there too.”


      Reviewer littlemama910, “Cambridge is about a 40 minute drive and has lots to do there. There’s a big mall and lots of great restaurants, as well as lots of historical stuff to see. I’d recommend taking a punting tour down the Cam.”


      Reviewer littlemama910, “Hop the train in Ely to Kings Cross Station in London for a great day of sightseeing. The London Eye is a must!”

      Mainland Europe

      Reviewer brookehall, “Take advantage of your proximity to mainland Europe and cheap airlines like Ryanair. Sure, it’s a no frills airline, but you can’t beat cheap flights.”

    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Dragon House

      Reviewer brookehall, “Check out Dragon House in Mildenhall for Chinese food.”

      Emily’s Tea Room

      Reviewer GoBigRed, “Emily’s Tea Room in Mildenhall Village is a lovely place to get traditional, homemade, scones, cakes, sandwiches, etc. Huge list of teas and fabulous coffee. The ladies who work there and the owners are all friendly. This place is a must try! There is a website for it as well. There is a kid policy and I believe it is children 10 or 11 and under are not allowed inside, but can be served outside. Great place to eat and spend time with your friends.”


      Reviewer brookehall, “Nando’s (it’s chicken) in Cambridge is amazing and sooooo worth it. It was our favorite restaurant.”

      Reviewer quiana11, “For anyone PCSing to England I absolutely recommend eating at Nandos. The closest one to the base is in Cambridge. There are actually two in Cambridge to choose from. This is a chicken-based menu that uses a nice variety of spices to give you a unique flavor. There are several different ways you can order your chicken including 1/4, 1/2, or even a full chicken as well as having it in a burger or a pita. You then choose your spice level: very hot, hot, or mild. Then you have a wide range of sides you can choose from to accompany your main chicken dish. There are also great options for kids as well as vegetarians. Nandos also gives a 20% discount off of one of the meals upon presentation of a military ID card.

      I can say that this is the one restaurant from England that I will miss when we head back to the States. So if you do end up in England, do yourself a favor and check out Nandos!!”

    • Shopping
    • IKEA

      Reviewer brookehall, “Ikea in London is worth the drive if you plan out a trip.Just take a truck or big car. =)”

    • Sports
    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.


    Reviewer that_lady, “If you have an SUV or larger van, a lot of people bring them and drive them, but be aware that they will not fit in a garage and almost everyone I knew that had an SUV or van had their mirror ripped off while driving by another car at one time or another. Parking spots off base are smaller than on base. Get a GPS system if you don’t already have one. Roads are NOT on a N,S,E,W grid like the US. It can be very intimidating and disorientating driving around the UK/Europe without a GPS, ie. Sat. Nav. Also, get out and enjoy the country!”

    Reviewer brookehall, “If you have a big ol’ gas guzzler for a car, or something wider than most cars, if at all possible, leave it at home. Roads here are extremely narrow, twisty, and it’s difficult to park in spaces when you are out on the economy.”

    Reviewer littlemama910, “It’s ok to ship over your minivan or other large car, just be prepared to take extra care while parking off base as parking spaces are usually rather narrow.”


    Reviewer that_lady, “Like the parking spaces, English houses are a lot smaller than the American houses that we are used to. If all of your furniture will not fit into your base house, you are allowed long term storage of your excess furniture but they will NOT store boxes and smaller items. Just furniture (hence why we along with a lot of others used the garage as a storage unit).”

    Reviewer littlemama910, “The housing is rather small, but a queen-sized bed will fit in English bedrooms. Be prepared for limited closet space.”

    General Tips/Info

    Reviewer GoBigRed, “English Heritage Membership: If you are interested in exploring castles, abbeys and churches then I highly suggest purchasing an “English Heritage” yearly membership. We had a membership for three years while there and it more than paid itself off every year with all the castles we have seen. “


    Reviewer littlemama910, “living offbase, Moles tend to be a problem for your yards.”


    Reviewer littlemama910, “Bringing pets to England means a quarantine. Bringing pets back to the states means a big expense. Be sure before you get one, that you are prepared for that.”

    Reviewer emelancon, “If bring your pets with you, be prepared for them to experience allergies. My dog has to take benadryl 3 times a day because the grass makes his feet itch.”


    Reviewer brookehall, “Before you go, invest in some cute rain boots, rain coat, and umbrella. It rains there. A lot. Don’t let that inhibit your travels or activities. Just go on in your rain gear and try to ignore the rain.”

    Reviewer that_lady, “Buy a few umbrellas, it does rain a LOT, but don’t let that keep you in doors or you will never go anywhere! Get out and explore and you just might surprise yourself.”

    Reviewer littlemama910, “It rains most of the year, so once here, invest in wellies (rainboots).”

    Reviewer emelancon, “The weather is so unpredictable that you should always have a rain coat or umbrella in the car.”

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer brookehall, “This is was a great assignment and we’d go back in a heartbeat!”

    Reviewer emelancon, “Overall my experience at RAF Lakenheath was decent. Traveling to Europe has been the best part about this place. Your crazy if you don’t travel and make the best out of your location!”

    Page Updated: 15th May 2012