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Base Housing


Beale AFB, California

Base Website:

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

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5 Responses to Base Housing

  1. l2w2

    Most of the on base housing is being demolished for black mold and other reasons, but privatization hasn’t occurred, so living on base is very “hit or miss.” IF a family gets a quality home, then the quality of life on base is wonderful 5/5 stars. However, many families have to move from home to home before living in a quality home.

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  2. therobyn

    We lived on base for a couple of years and lived on Harpole Drive. We loved our house and living on base was nice. The housing is on the opposite side of base than the flight-line.

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  3. mcdickey

    The housing on Beale is very old and most of it is so bad you cannot live in. The good news is that they do have some newer houses, but I have not heard either good or bad news about them. Also, they are in the works for privatization and tearing down the bad to build the new (years in progress).

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  4. ttrklarsen

    I loved living at Beale. The community is great, everyone knows everyone else, and there are many fun things to do in the area if you are willing to drive a bit.
    Base housing is seperated from main base (commissary, BX, offices) by a few mile drive through a field that is usually filled with cows. It is peaceful 🙂
    Houses are small, ours was approx 1400 sq feet detached split level and had a garage. Some homes have carports, others have regular garages. Some neighborhoods were attached duplexes, and the quality of those varied by neighborhood. If we were reassigned to Beale (and I hope that happens), we would most likely live in Lincoln, Roseville, or Rocklin. They have been talking about privatized housing on Beale for at least 10 years, and no progress has been made yet.
    The homes are old, and with that they do have maintenance issues (plumbing, mold). Maintenance does try to accommodate and does come quickly when called to fix issues. They do need to be called often, so be aware.
    There are 2 pools on base, and both have toddler areas. There is a play area next to some gym equipment for parents to exercise while the kids play (OMNI). There is a great walking trail that is about 3 miles from housing to the golf course, and many people run/ walk/ bike it. There’s a Subway in the housing area, attached to the gas station (but that’s it 🙂 )

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  5. nathan george

    I will be leaving this base soon but looking back at my time here it has been a great experience. I lived off base for the first year and a half while I was stationed here and it was a horrible experience for my family and I. but after I got on base housing the quality of life for my family greatly increased. I would say we were luckier than most because we moved into a home that wasn’t even older than my one year old daughter. at first I was a little worried about giving up BAH but with the drive to work being less than ten minutes (I drive a tundra and it eats up a lot of gas) and not paying for lights or water really makes a big impact on bills so I never really noticed missing BAH. all in all it was a great place to start my family off at no regrets what so ever

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