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Hightower Dental Clinic

426 Chalan San Antonio
Suite 304
, Guam
Phone: (671) 646-7281
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Hightower Dental Clinic1.320

4 Responses to Hightower Dental Clinic

  1. jenjosh2004

    Hightower Dental Clinic is just a good for the adults. It has one of the very dentists who is certified in root canals. I’ll rate them a 5.

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  2. mntndwm

    At Hightower Dental, I was impressed with the staff and Dr. Hightower Jr. at first. I had a problem tooth on my right side, and Jr. took a lot of time making sure my bite was correct and it felt good. Of course, I expected some pain, as it was a filling change in a difficult spot and sensitivity because of the new filling. That being said, I went back a couple days later because there was a tiny spot with excruciating pain whenever I bit anything on that side. I tried to point the spot out and he told me to stop poking it and I should expect some pain. Now 6 months later, I haven’t eaten a meal or even a snack on that side and my tooth is still very painful. I just don’t trust him with the details.

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  3. Matthew Pearce

    This is by far the worst office I’ve ever been to!!!! the staff is extremely unprofessional and rude!! everything is fine unless you question any services provided then all of a sudden attitudes change!! and there are some serious health concerns and lack of qualified/legal training!!!! and be weary of office forms you sign b/c not everything is disclosed, like charging for things when you decide you’ve had enough and go to a different office!!!! never at any time did ANYONE, not even the dentist, do anything to try to remedy any of the situations that came up involving this office and the staff!!!!!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE GO TO THIS OFFICE!!!! ESPECIALLY SINCE IT SEEMS LIKE IT IS THE MILITARY DEPENDENTS THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF!!!!!!!!! i’m not even willing to give them one star!!!!!!! >:(

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  4. Lilly Collins

    My child was treated like an adult. As soon as she moved dentist refused to finish job. Completely cold and inconsiderate with kids. In addition over 5 grand was spent on lousy, mediocre job. Left us in the dust and ran happily with the money. Had bad vibes in beginning. It was horrendous. Took advantage of emergency case …was referred to him by a dentis who most likey a very close friend. In the waiting room it was completely empty. Should have been a warning sign. A reviewer said about arrogant description. It does not seem to be enough. Snake, money hungry, narcissistic etc. Just plain EVIL. STAY AWAY. YOU WERE WARNED. MY CHILD’s teeth work was described as a very bad job by a dentist….he did not need say that as the appearance says it all. Loss of 5grand . We feel like he stole and cheated from us. But great we can write to help others. Stay away!!

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