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Child Development Center

There are two locations: Naval Base Guam and Naval Hospital
Phone: (671) 564-1844 (main base)
(671) 472-2312 (Naval Hospital)
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Child Development Center1.62512

5 Responses to Child Development Center

  1. murrayclan3

    The CDC is located on both the Naval base and the naval hospital base. The child -teacher ratio is perfect and they get a great mount of attention from care takers who care! 5 stars

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  2. jenjosh2004

    My children have never attended day care, but I have friends who’s kids have. The CDC on base isn’t that great, It’s good for convenience though if you and your spouse both work. A lot of the kids who attend daycare are sick regularly. It’s very expensive as well. A SSgt and General pay the same price for their child to attend. I would recommend going to an off base one if you can find one that you and your child like. I’ll rate the CDC a 3.

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    • Michael

      DOD childcare costs are based on a sliding scale, dependent on total household income. SSgt and senior officers DO NOT pay the same amount for childcare. Please contact your Childcare center or Child & Youth programs Director for the facts.
      I have served as a Child Development Center Director in five overseas communities ….

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  3. rmparadis

    We have the traditional CDC with before/after school care. We also have several FCC providers on base and a few off base.

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  4. MMay

    We used the CDC for drop-in care twice when we first arrived. While some of the staff were nice, there were a few that acted as they were very inconvenienced by our child being a drop-in. When I arrived one day, the first questions I was asked was if my child took a nap and when he would be going home. No hello, what does your kid like to do, nothing. When I came to pick up my child both times there were completely different teachers in the room from when I dropped him off. No one checked my ID or questioned me. It made me extremely uncomfortable and so we have never returned. I do have friends that use the CDC regularly and are happy, so perhaps I just had two bad experiences.

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