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Joint Region Marianas

Joint Region Marianas is located in Guam about 1550 miles to the South of Japan. Naval Base Guam is jointly based with Andersen Air Force Base (AAFB) to form Joint Region Marianas.

Joint Base Website:

Andersen AFB Website:

Naval Base Guam Website:

Sector Gaum Website:

    Andersen AFB Base Housing

    Naval Base Guam Base Housing

    On Base Housing

    Off Base Housing

    Paradise Estates

    DoDEA-Pacific Guam District Schools

    photo source:

    A useful boundary map for the schools can be found HERE.

    Reviewer jenjosh2004, ” The best schools are definitely gonna be the DODEA schools on base. The base schools are good, you just need to stay on top of what the teachers are doing to educate your child. I would give on base a 4.”

    Andersen AFB Schools

    Naval Base Guam School

    Guam Public Schools

    Private Schools

    A list of Guam private schools can be found HERE. Contact the school liason’s office for the most up-to-date copy.


    Andersen Homeschool Support Group

    Base Medical



    Guam PCS

    Reviewer MichelleS, “We live on base but used a real estate company called Guam PCS (or PCS Guam I can’t remember at this moment) they were able to get better rates at the hotels & rental car so you might want to look into possibly using them & they can answer questions about different neighborhoods. They are a free service & exceptionally friendly & helpful.”

    • Activities
    • Beaches

      Reviewer rmparadis, “If you are willing to leave the bases you will find “an island paradise”. There are so many beautiful beaches – both on the bases and off. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving year round. The water is so clear – it feels like your looking at a swimming pool.”

      Reviewer murrayclan3, “There are 3 beaches with base access that are breath taking!”

    • Cities nearby
    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Sejong Korean Restaurant

      Reviewer LilyoftheValley, “Eating out is expensive here, but we love Sejong’s behind the Boy Scout’s bldg in upper Tumon past the KMART…. Its tucked away, gets packed with Japanese tourists around dinner time, but the Kalbi beef ribs, side dishes, and yaki mandu, is delish!!! We would treat ourselves every couple months to this place. Other restaurants that are fairly good are Fuji Ichiban, Benii’s, and Meskla… These places we don’t frequent, since we eat at home often, but go when we want to treat ourselves. When you get invited to fiestas, don’t be shy since you could be missing out on some tasty dishes. We’ve been fortunate to have been invited to some fiestas, weddings, and christenings so we have had some tasty local food. Make sure you brush up on your grilling skills, with the weather here it only makes sense to throw some steaks, chicken, and pork ribs on the grill! Enjoy and again people, make the most of it for you and your family.”

      Reviewer jenjosh2004, “The restaurants are overpriced as well. My family of 4 can pay around 60.00 just to eat dinner at Chili’s.”

    • Shopping
    • Reviewer rmparadis, “The majority of our shopping is done on the bases, but there are some great little stores that are reasonable. You just have to find them or have people tell you about them. If there’s things we need that I can’t get on island – we have them shipped here. (Walmart, old navy, Kohls, amazon and many more – about a week to get here)We have found several local restaurants that are really great and that we love and can fed a family of four for under 50.00.”

      Reviewer jenjosh2004, “The shopping really sucks. There are 2 malls, but they are overpriced and a lot of the stores you will have never heard of. The NEX has the best shopping in my opinion.”

    • Sports
    • Running

      Reviewer jenjosh2004, “If you are a runner like me, you need to run real early, before the sun comes up, because it gets very hot very fast here. Or run late at night. If there is anything else more specific, just let me know. I will have lived here for 4 years in November.”

    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.


    Reviewer punkinetta, “Beware of the giant frogs! We never saw any of the snakes or spiders that you might here about. Those are mostly seen off base.”


    Reviewer jenjosh2004, “The roads are really bad here. So I wouldn’t recommend bringing a very expensive nice new car here.”

    General Tips

    While putting these pages together, I found Assignment to Guam, an online publication that looks like it has some very helpful information. It is dated 2008, but many of the information would still apply.

    Guam MWR

    Reviewer murrayclan3, “The base has been and is still in the process of being redone. almost everything on base is brand new including the gym, beach areas and dog park. Everything you need is located on the base and at walking distance. The MWR program also offers numerous activities and rentals that make it so easy to enjoy the island. The culture is shown thru out the island in festivals, restaurants and parades. This truly is one those places everyone should see once in their life.”

    Reviewer TrishaK, “If u need a ton of space and dont mind spending for utilities, go off base, otherwise you’d be fine on base. if you dont deal with heat well and want to keep the house nice and cool, base housing no doubt! “


    Reviewer Elana, “Naval Base Guam allows 2 pets.”

    Reviewer Trisha, “Andersen AFB, Guam allows 3 pets.”


    “SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION:Prior to making off-base housing lease agreements, contact (671) 344-9581/76 to ask if the location is within commuting area. Busing is available from on-base, except for K-8 Andersen AFB and K-8 Naval Base Guam Lockwood Housing. Off-base has limits. Contact School Bus Offices located at McCool Elementary/Middle in the south (671) 339-2387 or Andersen Elementary in the north (671) 366-5467.”


    Reviewer punkinetta, “Travel back to the states was expensive if you fly commercial. I flew Space A so it was cheaper but you have to be flexible. It is pretty cheap to go to Austrailia and the Phillipines.”


    Reviewer murrayclan3, “The Island is Humid and runs about 85 daily, year round.”

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer rmparadis, “Guam is a place you will have a love/hate relationship with. It is what you make of it. I have been here for five years now. We choose to stay here rather than to go to California.”

    Reviewer punkinetta, “We enjoyed our 3 yrs in Guam. It is a small island but there is a lot to do there. The bases have a lot of family activites. We were never bored there but you do get island fever. Our kids loved living in housing because they were always outside even in the rain!”

    Page Updated: 16th May 2012