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Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is located in Anchorage, Alaska about 850 miles to the northwest of Juneau. The Coast Guard Sector Anchorage is also there.

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Base Website:

Sector Anchorage Website

For base housing photos, check out, “Moving House for the Military Spouse“:

    Elmendorf Base Housing (click for comments)

    Richardson Base Housing (click for comments)


    Eagle River


    West Anchorage

    Anchorage School District



    A great district map can be found HERE.


    A great district map can be found HERE.

    Private Schools

    Base Medical


    Dentist (Pediatric)

    Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist)


    Reviewer ohdanigirl, “The CDC’s and School-Age Program here are some the cheapest around (I work there). If you can’t get in immediately there are several FCC providers on base. I have no knowledge of off base daycare. We have 2-3 CDC’s, 1 School-age Program, and 1 Youth Center program on the AF side of base.”

    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Pediatric OT, PT, Speech Therapy

    Reviewer JohnnSteph, “There is lots to do in Anchorage, Alaska and Fort Richardson/Elmendorf. There is fishing, hiking, hunting and lots more. Elmendorf and Richardson both have ski/sled hills. Elmendorf has a Horse stall area. If you have your own horse you can stall it here, (last time my daughter went there they also offered horse riding and care lessons as well).”

    Reviewer ohdanigirl, “We have some fantastic local food here, it’s just a matter of finding out where to go. Mooses Tooth, Glacier Brewhouse, Double Musky just to name a few. There are a TON of outside activities: hiking, fishing, tubing, skiing, glacier viewing, whale watching, ice fishing, dog mushing, camping, you name it.”

    • Activities
    • Aurora Viewing

      Reviewer damia459, “For great aurora viewing drive up past Hillberg ski area to the lake.”




      Portage Glacier

      Reviewer ladyslice87, “Check out portage glacier. Take the cruise to the glacier it is amazing. The cruise is under 30 dollars for military.”

      Reviewer steph, “There’s also a wild life conservation place near Portage Glacier that allows you to get up close with some of the wildlife. Portage is also a perfect place to camp,hike and check out huge icebergs in the Spring!”


      Reviewer steph, “Check out the Alyeska Ski Resort and take a tram ride up to the top of the mountain for beautiful scenery!”

    • Cities nearby
    • Anchorage

      Reviewer steph, “There’s such beauty right outside of Anchorage especially south.”


      Reviewer ladyslice87, “Take a drive to Seward. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to during my stay in Alaska. and if you go there you have to take a day cruise through the kenai fjiords. We saw orcas, puffins, sea otters, and so much more! It was a blast.”

      Reviewer steph, “Go North to Denali and take a tour of the park,do some camping or head south to Seward or Homer and check out those awesome little harbor towns. There are whale watching tours out of Seward and we saw many when we went. Check out the condos you can rent right on the water on the Homer Spit and enjoy the views and eagles. If you go in the off season it’s still so worth it and the prices are reduced! Go walk around on Matanuska Glacier with caution (you can arrange for guides). How many people can say they’ve walked on a Glacier??? 🙂 Take a boat out to do some deep sea fishing, or catch a salmon right down town if you want to partake in some combat fishing :).”

    • Parks
    • Alpen Glow

      Reviewer steph, ” Go out the Fort Rich gate and head up to Alpen Glow. This was always one of my favorite hikes and it was right off base. Drive up there for great views and then hike the rest of the way up. You can walk the Mountain Range and look over the other side to see Eagle River. Get in the car and drive and take in the beautiful scenery along the way!”

      Kincaid park

      Reviewer steph, “Kincaid park is beautiful and full of trails right in Anchorage. Cross country ski them in the winter, or walk bike them in the summer (watch for moose and bears)!”

      West Chester Lagoon

      Reviewer steph, ” Visit West Chester lagoon to have access to miles of bike/walking trails that stretch along turnigan arm. Ice skate on West Chester lagoon in the winter when it freezes up! Take to the thousands of hiking trails near Anchorage but do take bear spray. We hiked some of the deepest back country trails and only had 2 encounters our 4 years there. Both times they could have cared less about us and took off.”

    • Restaurants
    • Crush

      Reviewer damia459, “A quality wine bar downtown. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, food is great, wine can’t be beat!”

      Double Musky

      Reviewer damia459, “It’s a beautiful drive down to Girdwood and some quality Cajun cuisine. The portions are huge so expect leftovers. The etouffe is great, as is the popcorn crawfish and steak tips! If they happen to have the lamb osso bucco as a special, definitely grab that.”

      Reviewer steph, “Fun environment, good food! Located South of Anchorage in Girdwood.”

      Moose Tooth

      Reviewer ladyslice87, “As far as restaurants, mooses tooth pizza and goose bay. Eat upstairs in the pub area. It’s our favorite date place. They have a huge deck that overlooks cook inlet.”

      Reviewer damia459, “Pizza that can’t be beat anywhere and great microbrews! Can’t miss it!”

      Simon & Seaforts

      Reviewer steph, “If you’re looking for a very nice dinning experience Anchorage has many. One place I stumbled across was Simon & Seaforts Saloon and Grill. It overlooks the water and the food is wonderful! I loved their baked Halibut and steamed veggies!!! It’s a little more on the pricy side but if you have a few extra to spend or nice occasion to celebrate I recommend it!”

      Snow City Cafe

      Reviewer damia459, “The best breakfast/lunch/brunch in town! Call ahead during the weekend brunch-rush, and definitely try the King Crab Benedict.”

    • Shopping
    • Sports
    Add things you think families should now about the area before moving here.

    Reviewer JohnnSteph, “The Anchorage Alaska area is beautiful – though a bit expensive. It typically starts to snow around 15 Nov and will stop/be off the roads around early May. If people have studded tires bring them – they can be used from 1 Oct to 1 Apr every year. If they don’t have studded tires – look on post for people that are PCSing – could find a good deal. I recommend studded tires because even though it is Alaska people have to learn how to drive in the snow every year.

    There is a TON of wildlife in the Anchorage area. Wild moose an other animals are frequently seen on base and downtown!

    Anchorage is a VERY active earthquake and volcano area. Every day they experience a TON of earthquakes (though most are too small to be felt) and about once a month there is usually a “big” tremor. Alaska is home to 30 Volcanoes in varying states of dormancy. Go to this website for current info : and THIS for earthquakes.”

    Reviewer ohdanigirl, “This base is a love it or hate it kind of place. The more positive your outlook is, the better time you’ll have here. You’ll experience many things most people won’t get to in their lifetime. Waking up to moose in your yard, seeing bears running across the street, sitting around watching the eagles circle the neighborhood. Just make sure when viewing wildlife you remember that they are WILD and they can all attack if they feel provoked. There’s snow on the ground from late October to May, and doesn’t really get any colder than -30 so make sure you have warm clothes. Summer consists mainly of clouds and rain and rarely gets above 60, but on the few sunny days that we get it’ll be some of the best weather you’ve experienced. Summertime the sun doesn’t set until about 1am and is up again by 4am. Winters are dark out until 10am and dark again by 4pm.”

    Reviewer steph, “You have probably been told things like it’s dark and cold all the time in Alaska. Just know this is exaggerated quite a bit! Yes in the Winter (which usually starts late Oct) the sun rises at around 10 a.m. and sets at around 5 p.m. roughly so there is more darkness, but it isn’t dark all of the time. By May (see solstice chart) you’ll find yourself looking out at mid-night or later surprised that there’s still enough light to mow your yard. Seems it was light out until 3 or 4 a.m. Some summers there aren’t great but they’re not all bad either! We experienced both. We had 2 wonderful summers with mostly sunny days and 80 degree temps. However our other two summers were rainy, dreary and the temp didn’t seem to get above 65 or 70. So there’s sort of a balance about it all and it’s less hard to adapt to than one might think. But you have to get out and sight see, take things in…even in the winter. Find something you like to get you out of the house! I listed a lot of recreational things under recreational reviews. The malls there were getting really nice when we left. It can be scary leaving family, friends and going so far away but look at it as an experience of a lifetime and treat it as such and you’ll be thankful in the end!

    The ferry ride itself to Haines is quite an experience! Try to get a room with a window! We were able to both ways and it’s so nice! The drive into Alaska is long and at times you’ll feel like it’s been hours since you’ve seen another vehicle on the road, especially if it’s in the Winter! Be sure to take extra blankets, food, etc. a lot of areas there’s no cell phone reception (or wasn’t 2 years ago). I highly recommend getting a SPOT GPS locating device. Especially if you’ll be going into the mountains and doing hiking and stuff once you get there. It’s saved many lives. If you cant get a cell signal and there is a problem you just hit a button and law enforcement is notified of your location. Not to mention you can use it to check in with family along the way and they can see your exact location on google map. We never needed it but knowing we had it the times we didn’t have cell service for miles and miles and were way deep in the middle of nowhere traveling through Alaska (in late November 5 months pregnant) sure was comforting! 🙂 My parents also enjoyed getting updates of our location when they weren’t able to reach us by phone and it really put them at ease! Good luck and enjoy!”

    Did you like living here?

    Reviewer steph, “The whole state is a recreational playground! My advice is to take advantage of it! Most people would give anything to get to experience Alaska. There are also cute little cabins on Fort Rich you can rent for cheap on one of the lakes.The base is also beautiful, check out perimeter road on both bases to watch for wildlife (not that you wont see it in your yard)! We loved our 4 years there and did everything we could possibly do. There are still some things I want to go back to do. I highly recommend you get out and enjoy all there is to offer or you’ll probably be one of those who hate it there. I know I’ve listed a lot, but honestly it doesn’t even scratch the surface. Enjoy your assignment in Alaska! :)”