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Eielson is located 23 miles south of Fairbanks in central Alaska’s Fairbanks North Star Borough. Fairbanks is Alaska’s second largest city with approximately 35,000 residents; the entire Fairbanks North Star Borough contains approximately 85,000 people. North Pole is the nearest community to the base, located nine miles away and having approximately 1,500 residents.

    Base Housing

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    North Pole
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    Public Schools

    Fairbanks North Star Borough


    Private Schools

    Reviewer adriancombe: “I have no firsthand knowledge of this, but if you contact me offline I will tell you what I know.”

    Base Medical (click for comment)
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    • Acupuncture/Chiropractor
    Reviewer adriancombe: There is acupuncture and chiropractic available at Fort Wainwright to service members. Dependents have to find one off base and won’t generally be reimbursed.
    Reviewer adriancombe: “I have no firsthand knowledge of this, but if you contact me offline I will tell you what I know.”
    Find information about Special Needs resources.

    Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

    Reviewer usafwifey, “There are very active Spouses Groups at Eielson. The Enlisted Spouses Club and the Officer’s Spouses Club. There is an annual Spouses Dining In event that takes place at the end of February.

    There is a deployed family social once a month for those who have spouses deployed. The AFRC has a great amount of information, and I would suggest stopping by there. Heartlink is also available through AFRC.

    The Fitness Center offers free classes to all Military and Spouses. There is a new play area for children as well.”

    • Activities
    • Parks
    • Sports


    Reviewer adriancombe, “Size/number/aggressiveness of Mosquitoes ( I say this as a New Orleans native).

    Moose: awesome to look at BUT, 1. Walking – one moose blocks your road/trail and you pretty much have to turn around and go home. 2. Driving – whatever you’ve heard/seen about deer being too dumb to move off the road, multiply by 10.”


    Reviewer GaGirlAF, “Blizzak tires are a must on light pick-ups and cars even if you have all wheel drive. Make sure you have very good headlights. If you hit a moose it is property of the state of AK you only get a totaled vehicle.”


    Reviewer ChelseaC, “It’s super cold in the winter and sometimes gets to negative 45 degrees! There’s not much shopping and its 6 hrs from Anchorage! It also gets really dark in the winter the sun comes up at around 11am and is usually down by 3pm. But on a good note the summers are beautiful and there is lots of things to do outside and the wildlife is everywhere!”

    Page Updated: 9th April 2012