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Surviving Deployment


The last time my husband deployed, I did a search for care package ideas. I found ideas for things like beef jerky, magazines, socks, and cakes in a jar. I wanted to do a better job at sending packages. The previous deployment I thought I had, but my husband told me how it’s such … Continue reading »

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How Do You Spell Sergeant?

Nothing like a good homecoming story that warms the heart. I saw this video today and just had to share. A young girl correctly spells the word sergeant at a school spelling be. She is then asked if she knows a sergeant. She replies, “my dad.” The school announces they are going to … Continue reading »

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Not Deployment Music

On the way to dropping the boys of to school today, I heard the song, “Need You Now”, by Lady Antebellum. I was immediately transported back into time to about a year and a half ago. My hurt all of a sudden had that painful pull to it and I remembered all to … Continue reading »

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Dinosaur Deploys

Lately, I have been going through things trying to get rid of some stuff to prepare for our next move. Probably, pretty soon our landlady will be calling to let us know that someone is coming over to see the house to potentially rent for next year. While going through a bookshelf, I … Continue reading »

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Deployment Triangle: Bernie Mac Style

Today, my husband left for a week long training exercise. As, I help him to get ready, I look around and see the grass that I am going to have to cut. I see the dishes that I let pile up from our early Father’s Day brunch yesterday. I see the floors that need … Continue reading »

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