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Ohana Means Family

So while in Hawaii, hanging out with some friends, we found out that there is a quarantine period
for bringing pets to the island. Get this…it could be a least 4 months!!

Yikes, so as you can imagine, a lot of questions started swimming around in my head. Will we get to see her? Do … Continue reading »

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Get a Room

After Sesame Place, we continued with our drive southbound with stops and visits with various
family members along the way.

On Day 4 of our trip, we arrived to the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. We called the Navy Lodge
at NAS Norfolk, however, since it was the July 4th holiday weekend, they did not have … Continue reading »

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The Weighting Game

Ugh, I’m feeling like a bad mom right now. We just got back from my younger son’s neurology appointment.
It was a follow up for the Botox injections he received in his leg and hand to treat his cerebral
palsy. Let me preface, by saying he is fine. However, he has only gained … Continue reading »

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E is for excited…yeah it’s the little things

We went to the library today. I was looking for some books about moving, including some of the ones you all suggested (thank you!). I found the neatest books and I just really want to share these with you because I think you might enjoy them too.

The book I found is part of … Continue reading »

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PCSing with the Jetsons

So surprisingly, I am going to write about Jetsons: The Movie. You are probably thinking, “What does this have to do with PCSing (Permanent Change of Station for non-military folk)?” Please keep reading.

Every weekend we do a movie night. For some reason, we had not picked out a movie ahead of … Continue reading »

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Snow Boots to Flip Flops

A few days after my husband told me we were probably going to be moving to Nebraska, I chaperoned a field trip with my boys to The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale, Connecticut. It was a fun place where the kids got to mine for “gems and crystals”, explore the Dino Trails, and enjoy a … Continue reading »

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What’s in Nebraska?

My husband came home last week and told me that Nebraska” is looking like a possibility so see what you can find out.”

Hmm, Nebraska? Where to start? I don’t know ANY one who has ever lived in Nebraska, let alone stationed there.

So I started with by checking for the closest Children’s Hospital to Offutt Air … Continue reading »

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