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Dreaded Phone Calls from School

If you have a child in school, you know what I’m talking about. The phone rings, you look at it and see the phone number is the schools, you panic, and then you answer.

I would say there are a few types of dreaded calls from school.

Your child is sick
Your child is hurt
Your child was … Continue reading »

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Making Friends

Evidently, I am a bad blogger. I had all of these good intentions to share my process of moving with you all and it just didn’t happen. It was just such a crazy and busy time, plus we had sporadic internet connection.

We are finally settling into our house in Hawaii and the movers … Continue reading »

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How Do You Spell Sergeant?

Nothing like a good homecoming story that warms the heart. I saw this video today and just had to share. A young girl correctly spells the word sergeant at a school spelling be. She is then asked if she knows a sergeant. She replies, “my dad.” The school announces they are going to … Continue reading »

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The Word On: Japan

Guest Poster, Nicki, shares her experiences with Japanese “pets”.

Land of the Rising Sun, Part 2

In Japan a rhinoceros beetle is a pet. Crawfish are as well, but that is another story, and I don’t have to panic until next Mardi Gras…
You have to take a week long class here that encompasses an Area Orientation Brief … Continue reading »

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Launching Rockets pt.1

This past weekend was my oldest son’s birthday party. He just turned six. We were looking to do something low key for a party and stumbled upon the idea of making and launching rockets. Not really military related, however, when we did a test launch in the park, we attracted a six year old boy. … Continue reading »

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Sesame Place

So this week we left for a crazy adventure. It will basically, consist of traveling the whole East coast
with numerous stops in between for three weeks. Somewhere in between we will attempt to Space-A
travel from the East Coast to the West Coast to Hawaii to house hunt.

We drove from Rhode Island to … Continue reading »

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Dinosaur Deploys

Lately, I have been going through things trying to get rid of some stuff to prepare for our next move. Probably, pretty soon our landlady will be calling to let us know that someone is coming over to see the house to potentially rent for next year. While going through a bookshelf, I … Continue reading »

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E is for excited…yeah it’s the little things

We went to the library today. I was looking for some books about moving, including some of the ones you all suggested (thank you!). I found the neatest books and I just really want to share these with you because I think you might enjoy them too.

The book I found is part of … Continue reading »

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Deployment Triangle: Bernie Mac Style

Today, my husband left for a week long training exercise. As, I help him to get ready, I look around and see the grass that I am going to have to cut. I see the dishes that I let pile up from our early Father’s Day brunch yesterday. I see the floors that need … Continue reading »

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PCSing with the Jetsons

So surprisingly, I am going to write about Jetsons: The Movie. You are probably thinking, “What does this have to do with PCSing (Permanent Change of Station for non-military folk)?” Please keep reading.

Every weekend we do a movie night. For some reason, we had not picked out a movie ahead of … Continue reading »

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