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Crazy Koko Crater Climbing!

If you remember, a little bit ago I sort of invited myself to go hiking with some girls in attempts to make some new friends (You can read about it HERE). Ever wonder what became of that? Not much really, until today.

The following week when the girls were getting together I had to go … Continue reading »

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What bugs you?

*Warning not for the squeamish*

When we first moved into our house we had some visitors. I was in the family room and saw three cockroaches crawling on the wall. Three HUGE cockroaches. Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out. I told my husband and he said something like, “well we live in a … Continue reading »

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Making Friends

Evidently, I am a bad blogger. I had all of these good intentions to share my process of moving with you all and it just didn’t happen. It was just such a crazy and busy time, plus we had sporadic internet connection.

We are finally settling into our house in Hawaii and the movers … Continue reading »

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My Pôpoki

So in my previous post I discuss all of the steps needed to get my cat (pôpoki) to Hawaii. I thought I was on top of the process. I had her microchip implanted:

She had her 2 rabies shots that were given more than 30 days apart. I obtained an original certificate and made … Continue reading »

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Ohana Means Family

So while in Hawaii, hanging out with some friends, we found out that there is a quarantine period
for bringing pets to the island. Get this…it could be a least 4 months!!

Yikes, so as you can imagine, a lot of questions started swimming around in my head. Will we get to see her? Do … Continue reading »

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Snow Boots to Flip Flops

A few days after my husband told me we were probably going to be moving to Nebraska, I chaperoned a field trip with my boys to The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale, Connecticut. It was a fun place where the kids got to mine for “gems and crystals”, explore the Dino Trails, and enjoy a … Continue reading »

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