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Posted by on April 20, 2012
The last time my husband deployed, I did a search for care package ideas. I found ideas for things like beef jerky, magazines, socks, and cakes in a jar. I wanted to do a better job at sending packages. The previous deployment I thought I had, but my husband told me how it’s such an exciting time when the ship gets mail and if you don’t have any, it can be disappointment. So I decided to try to step it up a notch.

I started by getting the free one rate boxes from the post office. You can call and ask for the deployment boxes and they will send them to you free with labels and tape too.

I then, made sure I always had a box together and in an accessible place, like in the kitchen, so it would be easy. Whenever the mail came, if he got a magazine, into the box it went. When the boys brought home artwork from school, I’d take a picture of it for me and into the box it went. When I went grocery shopping, I’d pick up a few treats like trail mix and gum. It became much easier when I did it this way. However, if you have been through a deployment, you know there are times when your world is turned upside down and you are doing your best to just make sure everyone is fed and healthy.

"Sealed with a Kiss" Your picture goes in the frame, and your typed letter goes into the envelope :)

Last year, I discovered the Facebook page MissYourVoice and was amazed. MissYourVoice is an organization created by Amanda to send handmade care packages to deployed military personnel. Brillant! So if you can’t get a package out for whatever reason, you just go to her, and she will help you out. She does all of the packages by herself, and has been doing this for 16 months! She has sent out over 1000 packages so far, and over 5000 hand made thank you cards to our deployed troops! Each package she create takes about an hour (or more) to make. Recently, she has entered her organization into a grant program, which if selected as the winner, she will receive a 100k grant to put towards sending more packages overseas, and helping the organization grow into a whole new level, including turning it into a non-profit organization(it is currently run as a not-for-profit).

Small Fathers Day Box

The small packages run $30 and the larger ones are $40 plus shipping. You can place an order at

But, guess what? MissYourVoice thinks Military Word of Mouth is pretty cool too, so she is going to be donating a box to one of you to start off the road to our One Year Celebration! Woohoo! Details coming soon!


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