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XZipit Chair Contest

Posted by on February 17, 2012
The suspense is over, check out our latest contest! I have been working on this “behind the scenes” and have been bursting with excitement because I think you all will be so excited too. How would you like to win this awesome office chair from

Support the troops from your own customized chair brought to you by XZipit Furnishings from Dreamseat has an Interchangeable Logo Panel System that allows you to zip in and out custom and licensed logos on all XZipit furniture. Officially licensed logo panels include: MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Colleges, Marvel Comics, CFL, Armed Forces, and much more.

The Prize

The lucky winner is going to get:

  • 1 XZipit Home Office Chair: Made with durable high grade synthetic leather upholstery with padded arms, built-in Lumbar Support, Tilt and Lock Control.
  • 1 Panel of Choice: Panels are embroidered and interchangeable between all XZipit furnishings.

  • Armed Forces panels

  • FREE shipping!
Are you excited?

To enter the contest:

1.Leave a comment as to why you deserve to win the chair on this blog post.

2.In addition, you must be a fan or follower of XZipit and Military Word of Mouth on Facebook and/or Twitter (Twitter links: XZipit and Military Word of Mouth). We encourage you to reach out to XZipit via wall post or tweet as to why you should win their chair too, however, it is not required.

The contest will start Saturday February 18th, 2012 and run until Saturday February 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be chosen based on the response given to why you deserve the chair and judged by a panel. The winner will be notified through email. Good luck!

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22 Responses to XZipit Chair Contest

  1. skbeaudet

    These chairs are great! I honestly have never heard of XZipit before now, or seen chairs with interchangeable logos. They are super cool, and I would love to have one in our computer room. Go Air Force!

  2. laurinda

    Amazing it is the best chair I have seen in a long time. My soldier would love it in his office!

  3. Tiffany Harley

    I know exactly what these chairs are and their quality because my husband has used them before in his work center. I would love to win this for him so he can have one in his little office to do his homework, study and work. I know my Airman would LOVE this!!!

  4. Erica Morgan

    I would LOVE to have this chair for my husband, he has been using a broken chair for years now and it would make a great re-enlistment present for him. The added detail would top it off, look like a great chair!

  5. lin22all

    Love this! Great product! My Army guy would love to have one of these. We have been using a chair from an old dining set for years and need a real chair. lol

  6. Melissa Deguire

    I never lnow what to get for my husband and I think this would be the most perfect gift!!!! I would love to win this for him!
    The chair he is using now is the one he had in college, the foam is coming out, it’s been stitched together I don’t know how many times. Lol. I’ve looked at chairs for him for his office but I can’t find the perfect chair…I know I’ve found it here!!!!!

  7. Brandi Rice

    Thos chaor would get a lot of well deserved use in our home. We are both going back to school… my husband retires in 4 short years he wants to get his masters. I would like to change field. I currently work full timefrom home in social media on our computer ….as to be flexible for my children as well as my husband who deploys ecert 12 months for 6 months. It’s hard to work outside the home and well a comfy chair would be a godsend….for us both. Thank you for the opportunity.

  8. Shannah

    My husband works hard. After 2 back to back deployments to Iraq, countless deployments & TAD’s, he is now recruiting for the Navy he loves so much. We return to sea going duty this summer, but what an awesome going away present for the recruiting command & one of their hardest working recruiters. My husband would love to have it in the recruiting station, what a great piece to get potential applicants talking!

  9. Moving House

    I can’t say I’m any more deserving than the next person for this wonderful chair, however in support of an amazing friend, and as a Proud Air Force wife I am entering. The Prize itself wouldn’t go un-used, I certainly spend enough hours sitting at our desk, working to put together another support page here on Facebook ~ Moving House for the Military Spouse. Thank you to XZipit for their amazing donation, and good luck to all who enter 🙂

  10. Kara

    I would love to win this for my husband, he works so hard to take care of our family. It would be nice to spoil him a bit for once. Right now he is using one of our dining room chairs at his desk. This would be an awesome surprise for him when he returns from deployment.

  11. Jaimelle

    My husband and I are in great need of an office chair!!! We would love to have one that would represent the USMC!!!


  12. LyndaDavis

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this chair! Not only for myself, but for my wonderful husband also. I am starting to take courses next week, as well as continuing to work on opening a small shop to sell handmade things. My time spent at my desk and computer will skyrocket! I also think it would be a great and comfortable chair for him to relax and do his school work! Thank you so much for the opportunity Military Word of Mouth and XZipit!

  13. jvanbogelen

    Like everyone else I would love to win this chair. I currently am working full time at a computer all day and going to school online full time. All while raising a very energetic 2 year old by myself while my husband is deployed. This chair would be more than a lifesaver and definitely save me some back pain as well. I know these chairs are incredibly comfortable. My husband will also enjoy this for his many hours of gaming he is sure to log when he finally returns home. This is a wonderful opportunity and many thanks!

  14. celticfyre

    This a very nice chair & I love the fact that the logo’s are interchangeable. My hubby would love this because he is an Air Force Vet & currently switching to the Army so he could change out the logo’s & even put on the Support the Troops logo. Plus I could use it while I work on my small business & play with my son at the computer with his learning games.

  15. Tracie73

    I deserve this chair because I spend a lot of time on the computer keeping myself busy while my husband is gone for 15 months. We skype with each other and by the time me and the 2 boys get done talking to him well over an hour or more has passed. I am alos busy lookng up housing, schools, and any other information about our next assignment that the boys and I are going to go on to this summer so we can settled in before school starts for next year. The computer is one of my lifelines that keep me in touch with family and friends that we have left behind when we have to move. My chair now has seen better days and no longer has any cushion in the seat part and the back is wearing thin. This XZipit chair would be AWESOME to have, we are a very patriotic family and it would go very well with the decor of the house!!
    Friday at 4:23 pm

  16. Heather

    My AF hubby has been gone for six months, with six more until he returns. After he gets home, we immediately move overseas. The only thing he requested I get before his return is an office chair! Our chair is around 15 years old. We bought it at a NAF sale for $5. It’s served it’s purpose, but the poor thing needs to select early retirement. I just need to find a proper replacement. Your chairs resume is superb!! I would love to aquire it for the next 10+ years of service. Thank you XZipit and MWOM for the opportunity to win a replacement and send our chair into its early rest. 🙂

  17. Maggie O'Connor

    My husband would love this chair. He’s currently in school with the Army to become a physcian’s assistant and, while he loves it and the opportunity is amazing, it’s a lot more sitting than he’s ever done. This chair would make his bottom happy and match his Army-themed home office!

  18. Bethany Baines

    My husband is currently deployed to the desert for a one year tour. I am trying to keep things running smoothly at home, while raising 3 boys and attending school online full time. Shortly after my husband deployed, one of the boys tried to pick up our computer chair, and the bottom literally fell out of it! I tried to repair it, but the springs that raise and lower the chair were shot. Since my husband is on a ‘need to know basis’ as far as stress is concerned, he doesn’t yet know that he won’t have a computer chair when he returns from this deployment. 🙂 It would be a wonderful surprise for my husband, and relief for me, to have a new XZipit chair with a Welcome Home panel waiting for him when he returns! Thank you for the opportunity, Military Word of Mouth and XZipit!

  19. Sara

    Our office chair broke in the last PCS move (along with lots of other things that we realized were broken). Our office is our “Military Room,” and one of these chairs with the USMC logo would be great. I especially love the padded arm rests!

  20. Haley Johnson

    Wow, This is such a great chair. I would be honored to win it for my Army hubby. We just PCS’ed to our new post and when we got here lots of things were broken (like normal) but one big thing that was broken was our office chair. I have a feeling they will just try to fix it instead of replace it so it would be fabulous to have this beautiful chair with an ARMY Star on it to replace and upgrade the old broken one. I know that he would love to be able to use our desk again, and I would love the comfy chair so that I can study and do homework in the office instead of the living room. Thanks Military Word of Mouth for this awesome giveaway!

  21. Cathy

    We had to get rid of our office chair with our last Army PCS move last July. We are currently using dining room chairs in the office so we really need a new office chair! This would be an awesome addition to our home before our next Army move this June (yep moving again this year!!)