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What bugs you?

Posted by on February 5, 2012
*Warning not for the squeamish*

When we first moved into our house we had some visitors. I was in the family room and saw three cockroaches crawling on the wall. Three HUGE cockroaches. Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out. I told my husband and he said something like, “well we live in a tropical climate, it’s to be expected.” That night I went to bed to sounds of my cat playing with something and all I could picture was her playing with the cockroaches. Gross!

So the next morning I told my husband how I had a hard time falling asleep. I fully expected him to mock me. Well, evidently he had an encounter himself. We did not have our household goods yet, only our express shipment. In our express shipment we including folding chairs. You know the kind you take to watch a game. They fold up and are placed into a bag you can then care on your shoulder. Well, my husband went into the garage after I went to bed to get one of these chairs. He pulled the chair out of the bag and over twenty cockroaches came pouring out! Needless to say, no mocking. He agreed we needed to call an exterminator.

Well, we procrastinated because after these incidences, we’ve only seen one here or there. So my theory was perhaps they came in our express shipment. You see, the shipment got to Hawaii and our place wasn’t available yet, so it went into storage. The chairs while in crates, weren’t in boxes. So my theory was the cockroaches crawled into the crates.

Fast forward to last night. My husband left for the mainland for work for a week. So I’m on the couch and I notice my cat playing with something.

I lift my feet onto the cushions and think it’s okay, the cat will take care of it. Well, she continues to play with it. She even puts it in her mouth, carries it, and then drops it to bat it around. Seriously? And that sucker is FAST! Well, that one got away, but she found another one. Really? So I went and got the can of Raid. While my kitty was playing with the second cockroach, the first one emerged and I took care of it.

As you see, it is 4 inches from back leg to antennae. So I went to bed totally wrapping myself up in my blanket and hoping any other cockroaches would leave me alone. The next morning my boys let me know there is a dead cockroach on the kitchen floor. Perhaps, it was cockroach #2? Who knows. Oh, and then we found this one in the cat’s water dish.

I am going to hope it fell in and couldn’t get out. I’d hate to think my cat actually drowned it. Sigh. I always like to make the most out of situation though. We went to the library last week and got library cards. Would you believe, the book my oldest son picked out was all about cockroaches. Perhaps, this is why they are back. They take the book as a welcoming or something. Either way, now my son can REALLY learn the parts of a cockroach.

So tell me what kind of rodent adventures have you encountered? Have you ever had anything unexpected in your shipment?

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14 Responses to What bugs you?

  1. Brittany

    Bengal Roach Spray!! A fellow Navy wife passed the secret on to me when we lived in Corpus Christi. It’s been a few years but it use to be in a red can with a Bengal tiger on it. Brings back memories. YUCK!

  2. Laurie

    While living in Hawaii, I was once awakened to a centipede biting my foot in bed. I screamed in pain! You would’ve thought it was a huge one, but this was just a baby. The bite feels like a match burning your skin for hours. I always checked my bed after that happened!

    • admin

      Oh no! I have yet to see a centipede and hopefully, it will stay that way. Is there anything you can do for a centipede bite to lessen the pain?

  3. cbaileyjones

    I once awoke to a mouse crawling across my foot! My first reaction was to kick. Then, in the dark, I hear it hit the wall across the room and slide to the floor! I wasn’t too squeemish about mouse traps after that!
    It’s kind of funny now, but I was totally freaked out!

  4. cbaileyjones

    Until you’ve had “palmetto bugs” which is a nice way of saying gigantic cockroaches, you haven’t seen a cockroach! We had them at Shaw AFB in SC, and in Florida. That’s a bug you don’t want to splatt on your wall!

    • Jenny

      I too have experienced “palmetto bugs.” When my husband first enlisted, we were stationed in Fort Bliss, in El Paso, TX. We are originally from Upper Michigan, which is very cold and has little bugs. I walked out on my patio in the first 2 hours of walking into my new Texas home when I saw a GIANT cockroach. Where I come from, the species is little, and only in infested homes, not walking around outdoors. I freaked out, called housing, and they told me that they call those “waterbugs”…I was so grossed out. Then, we got stationed at Fort Jackson and were greeted with the same nasty creatures…and were told that they were called Palmetto bugs in this part of the country. Thankfully, I have an English Bulldog (Oliver) and he is the bug police! If he finds any sort of creepy creature, he whines and nudges til I follow and he shows me the offender. We are moving to Hawaii soon, and I am dreading the insects.

    • eastcoaster

      Have to agree with that. We got to Pensacola and there was one in the garage. I stepped on it, it crunched…….done deal, WRONG! That sucker stretched its legs, rolled over, gave a good shake and went about his day. I was later told it was a “water bug”and oh by the way they fly. At that very moment Raid and an old boot became my very best friends.

  5. Andrea

    I just moved to Hawaii and honestly just thinking about the bugs makes lose sleep! I have an infant son who is at the age where he puts everything in his mouth, and I worry he’ll try to play with something he shouldn’t! I always check his room and pack and play before ever putting him in it. Am I totally crazy?

  6. MrsThomas08

    When I was about 12 I went to camp for a week. About halfway through the week I am sitting on the bottom bed of a bunk bed, changing the film in my camera and something falls on my hand. I look and it is a spider bigger than a 50 cent piece. I’m dropped my camera, screamed and ran out of the tent. I have been terrified of spiders ever since.

    In our apartment in VA Beach, we had a bunch of weird looking bugs…or at least ones that were strange to me since I am from MI. The one that creeped me out most was the house centipede. I would find them/see them all the time.

  7. anj2000

    I just moved out of Hawaii, but we had lived there for 3 years. I suggest use “Home Defense” spray for bugs. You can purchase it at the NEX home and garden area located across KFC. Spray it heavy out side yard lining your porch near sliding door entering house, windows, and line all around home. Spray heavy. Spray again 2 weeks later and after that spray every month on time and consistantly. Also, spray inside home every two weeks. ALWAYS after every meal, wipe off food off the floor with a sponge or disposable paper towel. Sweep off dry food and wash the broom off every use. Older kids as well as adults always think they were neat eating and few crumbs not bad, but in Hawaii you are inviting an army of ants to show up 5 minutes later. My husband thought I was OCD until I proved him wrong when he saw how quickly the ants came. 🙂 You just have to be OCD during meal times…especially with young kids. Dont allow them to touch toys after eating without washing hands. If they have food on their clothes, change the kids clothes. If they get food on your couch or it falls from shirt to floor…ARMY OF ANTS! Also, the ants love those soft rubber toy balls…be aware of that, too. Take out trash every night, always do dishes and leave the kitchen clean. Im telling you this to save you from having major and constant issues. People always wondered why I did not have bug problems and Im revealing to you my tropical survival techniques. Remember, you dont want an ant problem. Centepedes love ants. 🙂 Forrest City Housing is strict. I had no problems. Every housing company is different and each company is never perfect. You learn to adapt. I just suggest not to have a pet. Carpet at Radford Terrace is not made for pets. I would suggest to reside at Caitlin Park if you have a pet because if you choose a carpet place…I have known many military familiesend up paying big money for carpet damage…paying for the sins of their 4-legged companions. Big money like paying a fee of 3 thousand dollars, another couple 25 hundred dollars, etc. I only suggest have pride in your assigned home, steam clean carpet every 6 months because of Hawaii red dirt, always take off shoes when enter your home…just a few survival suggestions…AND have fun! Hawaii is a beautiful place full of history and beautiful culture. I always hated to hear miserable wives complaining. I understand about missing family and friends, but make new friends! and family will want to come visit and see Hawaii and go site seeing. 🙂 Don’t forget to go to the swap meet on Wed, Sat, Sun. Anna Millers has a delicious mouth-watering strawberry Haupia pie.Shiro’s has awesome simen dishes, Yummy’s Korean BBQ is good and a great chinese place at Wamalu Shopping center called Chun Wa.Want to go back!!! 🙂

    • Jenny

      Oh, you have made my thoughts of Hawaii even brighter!! I can’t wait until we PCS, I feel so lucky to be allowed to live in paradise for 3 years. I am a stay at home mom, so I have really grasped every local culinary aspects, from Mexican to Southern cuisine. I’m excited to experience the island foods and learn to embrace a new culture!

  8. Leanne

    In a spray bottle put some blue Dawn dish soap and enough water to dilute it so it can spray easily and whenever you see those evil things, spray them. No joke they die in seconds. It’s faster than Raid. You’re welcome.

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