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Making Friends

Posted by on January 23, 2012
Evidently, I am a bad blogger. I had all of these good intentions to share my process of moving with you all and it just didn’t happen. It was just such a crazy and busy time, plus we had sporadic internet connection.

We are finally settling into our house in Hawaii and the movers just removed our boxes this past Friday, woohoo! Speaking of last Friday, I was invited to a jewelry party. I like picking out jewelry to match my outfits and did it more so in Virginia where I had a friend that was REALLY good at picking out matching jewelry and shoes. Most of the time I would get her opinion to make sure I wasn’t making some big fashion mistake. But, for the most part, I don’t wear jewelry. Especially since moving to Hawaii. It’s mainly shorts/capris, tank tops and flip flops. So I wasn’t sure about going, however, I am trying to make new friends and decided I should go.

I am glad I went because I had a good time. I met a few ladies and actually heard one lady talking about how she gets together once a week to go hiking with other moms. I thought to myself, “that might be fun.” I have a girlfriend, who is stationed in Taiwan, suggest to join a running club. That is what she does; however, I am not a runner. The idea of hiking sounded like fun though. This island is beautiful, so what better place to try it out, right? So, I did something that had I been in high school, I would never have had the nerve to do, I sort of invited myself. I started talking with this woman later and said, “I heard you talking about hiking with other ladies…”. She then started telling me about it and asked me, “would you like to join us?” So we exchanged numbers. I then waited for the text with the information, but it’s funny, because I felt like I was dating. Is she going to text me? Ha! She did.

So I met up with these ladies and we all road together to the Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area.

As we get out of the car, I must admit I was very intimidated. One lady pulls out her backpack that has a straw coming out of it that wraps around her shoulder so she can just sip when she gets thirsty. Another woman, starts strapping on a belt with two water bottles attached. I think to myself, “uh-oh, I might have gotten myself in deep on this one.”

Then we pass a sign that says, “Aiea Loop Trail: 4.8 miles.” Oh crud, I’m in for it. The first few yards was a nice flat shaded trail and I think, “okay, I can do this”, but then the elevation starts to change and we start climbing over all of these tree roots.

LOTS of them.

I think to myself, “I am in trouble.” But, I got to see beautiful views like this:

And this:

I might not be able to get out of bed, but I did it and you know what? I had a blast! The women were great and they have kids in the same age group as mine, bonus! So now I am hoping to crash their party next week too.

While hiking, I was wondering what everyone else does when moving to a new place to meet friends. This has been a gradual thing that I have gotten better at with each move. I really have the military to thank for that. So tell me, how do you make new friends when you move?

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7 Responses to Making Friends

  1. Angie

    This sounds like a great way to meet people! If we were stationed in Hawaii, I’d totally ask for the info. My Mom lives on Oahu so I know the views are amazing. When I move I try to join Spouse groups, attend “new spouse” briefings/classes, or take classes that interest me, like painting, crafts, etc. I’ve found it sort of difficult this move to meet people. We’ve only been here in Vegas for about a month, but since we were stationed here 4 years ago, and everything is sort of familiar, I feel like we’ve already been here a lot longer. To be honest, I’m getting “homesick” for our last duty station and all my friends there. But I know with more time, and more participation in things I like to do, I will eventually meet people and make new friends.

    • admin

      Angie – I was definitely feeling that way after being here in a Hawaii for a month. It can be so hard to start over. I think it can be harder during the winter months too. We moved to RI last October. It wasn’t until it started getting warmer that it started to feel like “home”. Have you tracked down an of the spouses groups for Vegas on FB?

  2. Debbie

    What a relief to know im not the only one wondering how im going to start over again and be the “new girl” i hated that stereo type in high school and i loathe it even more now. However i am looking forward to a change in scenery and hopefully people. Our last duty station (which we are counting the days to is 128) has become a soap opera of spouses living through there husbands and having rank over other spouses! what ever happened to mentorship? i am no pro nor newbie but i dont like to feel like i am competing aganist rank. So that being said a fresh start is in order.The thought of a tropical destination for my family enjoying the outdoors of which we can not wait until we are able to hike all the wonderful areas you and others speak of.
    Thank you for posting this i feel as if was just for me! but i am sure there are many others benefiting from your information.

    • admin

      Thanks Debbie! You are so sweet to say that! When I meet other spouses I don’t even want to know their husband’s rank or job. You will LOVE it here! Everyday I wake up and can’t believe we are in Hawaii! So far everyone I have met here has been so nice and thoughtful. Aloha!

  3. Monique

    I’ve found to be a great place to meet people. There are different groups that you can select from to meet new people who share your interest. For example: I joined a group that was formed because people were having a hard time meeting people to hang out with in our city. We go out once a month for dinner or a movie.

  4. Gina @ Oats and Beans and Baby Grow

    We were in Hawaii a few years ago, and I found myself in a similar predicament…although it was going up the back side of a mountain to then go down the Stairway to Heaven. It was completely terrible. An amazing view, but…barely worth it. We’re talking, walking along mountain where you would easily fall to your death if you tripped (I crawled…no shame, haha).

    The good thing about the military, is that, while you do have to make new friends all the time….everyone else does too! There is a Hawaii Military Wives forum that I was on while we lived there, and I have more recently had good luck with You definitely have to put yourself out there, and I can definitely relate to your feeling like you’re dating. I told one of my new friends, this, that I feel like I’m dating her, “So, Mary, maybe we can…like…you know, hang out on our own one day?”. Haha.

    I’m glad you’re finding friends, your site is great! And I’m jealous that you’re in Hawaii….since we are at Ft Drum and it is snowing right now 🙂

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