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Moving Tip: Making a Moving Binder

Posted by on October 23, 2011
I am going to start sharing some of your awesome moving tips that were entered in our Moving Tip giveaway last month.

rmparadis and HeatherK both suggested to organize yourself with a moving binder.


Buy a binder or expanding folder. You want to be able to keep everything you need handy.
Insurance- cars/tricare/dental
Car titles/bank loan paperwork
Birth certificates/pass ports
Current bills- phone, cable, credit cards, etc…
School records
Medical-current physicals, shot records, dental records
PCS paperwork
Keep all moving receipts


Make a “transfer binder”. Color tab for different things. Utilities, Lease, Orders, Household goods sheets, your Expensive list with all your DVD’s TV’s serial numbers etc, lists of DVD’s or book collection etc. Then every time you move, you just add to your lists of books, serial numbers etc, and just redo the utilities and lease sections. Or if you don’t lease it goes housing info. This way you have all your important numbers, confirmation numbers and turn on dates for utilities, your lists to check when you unpack.

I have found this extremely helpful because I don’t have to write the numbers down AGAIN for serial numbers, for the companies that need my lease I just pull it out because we all know everyone wants a copy. Orders are organized along with household goods and I know the companies number is right there.

Over the years I have made a new binder for every move and after we move from that place I put all the info back into it and then if we have a problem from that time, I just go and find it in the binder.

My husband was already in the CG before we met and after I used this way, I am OCD, so I love to be organized. He couldn’t believe how easy everything was when we moved. Dity receipts, household goods, orders, pet vaccinations, were all neatly organized and color tabbed out. It was so stress free and all my papers were together.

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6 Responses to Moving Tip: Making a Moving Binder

  1. Gary

    Transfer binder! That’s just brilliant. Probably would be good to have all this info duplicated online as well (maybe in a google doc?) to prevent the headache if the physical binder gets lost.


  2. jott1977

    Absolutely! I use a “PCS Folder” with the clear plastic sheets for every PCS move so far, when I husband and I were in 2 different locations I made one for him too, so we were both organised. It’s the only way I can PCS!

    • admin

      My husband and I had two different ones too. It actually caused a problem though with this move. We were in the same location, but he usually takes care of bill stuff, house stuff and I take care of school and medical stuff. Well, someone the birth certificates and the title to the car (which we were planning on selling) got packed. So, I think I’m going to change things up a bit for the next move. 🙂

  3. aendi913

    We are moving sometime the end of Sept, beginning of Oct and I am already starting one of these next week. I’ve been pretty organized in our 5 years here, but having it all neatly done in one binder will make things a world easier. Thanks for the tips!

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