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Thoughts on Military Camaraderie

Posted by on August 26, 2011
There are so many things to think about when you find out you are PCSing again. The major one would probably have to be where are we going to live when we get there? If you are lucky you or your spouse can take some house hunting leave. However, sometimes this is just not plausible. So what do you do? What are the resources you go to when you need to find information on where to live?

There are various forums out there that sometimes have information, but they are hard to find and sometimes the information is outdated. Usually, you start asking your other military friends if they have ever been there or know someone who has. Military families know how challenging it is to find out information so they really share. It is so amazing to me.

For instance, we recently went to Hawaii to scope it out. One of my friends told me about a family that was out there. She contacted her friend and then sent me her Facebook information. I got in touch with her and then when I got to Hawaii she offered to show me around. How nice is that? She was so VERY helpful. I started asking about a different area of the island that we might be interested in. The next thing I know she is on the phone calling another woman asking if we can come by. And we did. I walked around the house of a person I had never met before. You gotta love that aspect of being part of the military. We are all eventually in the same situation, so we are all willing to help because one day we hope someone will help us.

Each morning I look in my inbox and see the reviews you all are sharing and I am amazed! You are all so generous of your time, filling out incredible reviews. I guess you all see the benefit of being able to go to a site and finding out all you need to know about a new area, without having to do stealth digging. Thank you for sharing my vision and helping to make it happen.

Another demonstration of how military families are willing to help out is evidenced with a less than three week old Facebook page that has been formed. Moving House for the Military Spouse. The owner of this page had the idea and started it with only her own pictures of her base housing. She shared the photos on her Facebook page with someone asking for some information on a different page. That’s it. She didn’t tell her friends about it or promote her page in anyway, but in less than 3 weeks she has almost 7,000 “likers”! Amazing, right? So what is this page, Moving House for the Military Spouse? It’s a place to share photos of base housing. Real, actual photos. So many of the housing websites only have floor plans to show you. Many times the housing has a wait list so long that they don’t have any models to show you. So how are you suppose to know where to live? This is obviously a problem many of us are dealing with and why her page went viral with military families sharing her page and sharing their photos. She has close to 150 different bases with each base having an average of roughly 20 pictures. All of this was shared in less than 3 weeks. Things like this make me proud to be a military family.

So if you haven’t already, help out the cause. Fill out a review of your base experiences HERE or share base housing photos with Moving House for the Military Spouse HERE. You can also follow along with us on our Facebook page HERE.

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