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Operation Nunya

Posted by on August 8, 2011
So yesterday was my anniversary, well sort of. Let me explain. Back in the Fall of 1998 my husband proposed to me. I had been out of town to go to my cousin’s wedding. He picked me up from the airport and asked me where I would like to eat for dinner. He told me we could go anywhere, but this was when money was tight. He was just out of school and I was still in school. I was craving Taco Bell. I didn’t know he had intended for me to pick a nice restaurant. So, off to Taco Bell we went. He decided to propose another night, but the ring was burning a hole in his pocket. He got down on his knee, as I wiped nacho cheese off my finger, and proposed.

I said, “yes”, woohoo! The wedding planning started. We reserved a church for August 7, 1999. However, my husband was being TAD (temporary assigned duty) to Texas for school. I was planning on staying behind in Florida to finish enough classes at school to obtain an Associates Degree so it would transfer easier to wherever we would be getting orders to next. Because it was TAD and he was single, he wouldn’t be getting any money for housing. However, somebody told him that if he was married he would receiving a housing allowance for the apartment in Florida and he could just stay at the Quarters in Texas as a geo-bachelor. This got him thinking and he came home one day and said, “Let’s get married.” I replied something like, “Okay, we are.” He said, “No. I mean like now.” So we decided to elope and kept on planning the wedding for the following year. We went to the Justice of Peace and we called it Operation Nunya. Nunya, for “none ya business”. I think we only told two people. In fact, the day we got married (October 9, 1998), I had to go into work and I didn’t tell a soul.

When we went to meet with the Pastor at the church in Maryland, we somehow got our moms out of the room and confessed that we were already married. The Pastor said something like, “Marge, we got another one.” Then he said, “I’m relieved because I know you two are already living together.” He agreed to do the ceremony and we celebrate two anniversaries. We didn’t come clean with our friends and family for about 10 years. By then, we figured, no one would be mad at us anymore. Also, my Uncle was documenting our family history and asked for our wedding date. Since I too am a genealogy buff, I had to be honest.

Anybody else elope? Or have to change their wedding plans because of the military?

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3 Responses to Operation Nunya

  1. Hilary

    Sounds like two crazy kids in love, for sure!

  2. Laura

    You know it! 🙂

  3. Lindsey

    Almost the exact same thing happened to us! I was back in Texas finishing up my BSN and my (then) boyfriend was in Virginia. One summer I was visiting and he came home and said, “let’s get married.” I too, said “we are, when I graduate.” But he had heard we could start getting money for housing and I could get on the insurance…so off to the JOP we went, the next day. We got married the following year, but celebrate the first one.

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