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An Amazon Gift Card Give-away!

Posted by on July 24, 2011
So as some of you know, I have been on the road. We have traveled by car from Rhode Island down to Florida and then back up to New Jersey. Next, we flew to Hawaii to house hunt. We attempted to fly Space-A (I will blog about this soon), but ended up flying commercial. Finally, back to New Jersey and then we drove back up to Rhode Island.

I have been so busy on the road and have had limited access to internet, so I have not added any new content to the site. In the meanwhile, I’d like to welcome our new followers! It’s exciting to hop on to Facebook and see the numbers continue to rise. It definitely motivates me to continue to keep building new pages to make the website a wonderful resource for all of us.

So, to celebrate, I would like to host a give-away. I am giving away a gift card to Amazon in the amount of $25. Everyone loves Amazon, right? I do. In fact, whenever, I’m about to make a major purchase, I usually research the reviews on Amazon first. When going through the moving process last year, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a site you could go to and get reviews on military installation areas?” And then the seed was planted in my mind until, I took action and created this site. But, you don’t want to know about that, you want to know about the give-away, right?

Required to enter:

To qualify for the $25 Amazon gift card, simply fill out a review on your current duty station. That’s it! A review is simply answering a few questions about your favorites/recommendations pertaining to the installation area in which you live.

*If you already have filled out a review for your currently duty station, fill out one for your previous duty station.

*If you are brand spanking new to the military or have already filled out a review for current and past duty stations, simply get a friend to fill one out, and then email me HERE to let me know your friend’s name and duty station so I can give you credit.

*Yes, you may fill out a review for numerous duty stations you have recently lived or have multiple friends fill them out. Each one will count as an entry.

*Once, you fill out the required review for entry, there are other ways to enter to get you more chances of winning.

Additional chances (Must do review first):

1. Write about the giveaway on your blog and add a link to this page.
2. Share our Facebook page with your friends and ask them to “Like” our page. Have them tell me who sent them either on the Facebook wall or by sending me an email HERE so you get credit. Each friend that “likes” will count as an additional entry for you.

As I receive entries, I will add them to an Excel spreadsheet. Each entry will be assigned a number. I will then use to select the winner. The giveaway will run from today, Sunday, July 24th, 2011 until Sunday, August 7th, 2011 at midnight, EST.

Please note: Facebook is not affiliated with this give-away and having a Facebook account is not required to enter. Amazon is also not affiliated with this give-away. I just enjoy their site and assumed you all like it as much as me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can contact me HERE on the Military Word of Mouth site or HERE on Facebook.

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