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The Good and The Bad

Posted by on June 27, 2011
Tonight, I continued to work on finishing the building of pages for NAS Lemoore, CA. I took a break and hopped onto Facebook and saw an article posted by the group Stay At Home Parents and Military Spouses about the mystery behind the infant deaths occurring at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It’s really quite sad and also very scary, especially to the families currently living in the housing.

For those not familiar with the story here is an excerpt from a story posted on
“I was very content in what I thought was my safe little bubble, being a stay-at-home mom taking care of my kids,” she said earlier this month on the day Jaxson would have turned 6 months old.

She didn’t know, until friends began to tell her, that 11 other babies who had lived in Fort Bragg housing had died since 2007.

She didn’t know about the investigation into their deaths, the hundreds of environmental tests searching for any problems that could be causing infants to die on the Army’s largest installation.

She didn’t know, when someone handed her a letter from the garrison commander declaring all the homes safe a week before Jaxson died, that she’d soon disagree with him, with investigators, with everyone who believes her house was safe.

You can read the full story HERE.

News like this is awful and my heart goes out to all of the families.

The purpose of this site is to get all of the information about an installation area before moving there. It is a place to find the schools, doctors, and neighborhoods that others have had good results with before you. But, it will also be a place to find out the negatives, as well, because we deserve to know this information, don’t you think? Yes, the Army tests have concluded the housing is safe, however, there is still not a known explanation of what is causing these deaths. As a mother, I would want to be aware of such possibilities BEFORE deciding where to live.

Please, take the time to share your experiences for your current installations, good or bad, won’t you? It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to answer a few questions about what you know and it might really be useful to the next person.

Simply go HERE and share what you know. Thanks!

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One Response to The Good and The Bad

  1. Julie

    The whole situation is so sad 🙁

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