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"See a need, fill a need"

Posted by on March 6, 2011
Last weekend after watching the movie Robots, I kept thinking about the message repeated throughout the movie, “See a need, fill a need.”  You see, we will be moving this year to a new duty station so I have started to research the various places that might be potential places where my husband might get orders.  I got to thinking how many people do this over and over again and wouldn’t it be better if all of the information was shared in one place?  I always wondered why, when my husband checks into a new place, we aren’t given “the scoop” we all want to know.   For example, things like: which school districts are the best, where can my child go for special needs resources, or even simple things like, where to get my haircut.  Then, the quote from the movie came back into my head, and I realized that I should try and make this happen. So welcome to my Military Word of Mouth blog!  I hope you will join me in my journey in creating the website,, and hope that it will be beneficial to you in the future when you are faced with a new set of orders.

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